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Taylor Swift reveals Ice Spice ‘Karma’ Remix and a different type of her Lana Del Rey collab. Stevie Nicks thanked Taylor for penning “You’re connected Your Own, Kid,” which helped her mourn Christine McVie. Joe Jonas gave funny Swifties an update connected his narration pinch Swift connected an section of Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast. As Blake Shelton says goodbye to ‘The Voice’, play 23 winning coach Niall Horan will return, and Reba McEntire joins nan sheet of judges. And more!

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Ice Spice is jumping connected a Taylor Swift remix and truthful overmuch different Swift news. Blake Shelton says goodbye to The Voice and Katy Perry wants Lizzo for ‘Idol’. BTS’ Suga breaks a awesome grounds and J-Hope is successful nan army. We get to cognize much astir Lore and Goyo.

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Welcome backmost to Billboard News. I’m Tetris Kelly, and it’s Wednesday May 24. We’ve sewage to talk astir my woman Taylor because truthful galore different group are. Taylor gets Ice Spice connected a way and gets a convey you from Stevie Nicks. And Joe Jonas updates america connected really he, Tay and nan Swifties are doing. Taylor jumped connected socials to denote a remix of nan ‘Midnights’ way ‘Karma’ featuring Ice Spice, noting, “I’m a monolithic instrumentality of this superb creator and aft getting to cognize her I tin corroborate she is nan 1 to watch.” The way is retired tomorrow on pinch a Till Dawn version of ‘Midnights’ featuring much Lana Del Rey and a caller track.

Stevie Nicks 0:55
Thank you to Taylor Swift for doing this for maine — and that is penning a opus called ‘You’re On Your Own Kid.’

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Stevie Nicks said astatine a performance connected really Taylor’s ‘Midnights’ way ‘You’re On Your Own Kid’ helped her process nan decease of bandmate Christine McVie.

Stevie Nicks 1:17
When it was nan 2 of us, nan 2 of america were connected our own, kids. We ever were. And now I’m having to study to beryllium connected my ain kid by myself. So you helped maine to do that.

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In different Tay news, Joe Jonas is talking astir his narration pinch nan superstar and her fans aft formerly making love her. “I’m cool pinch Taylor,” Jonas told Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast. “We’re cool.” He added of her very loyal fanbase: “I dream to deliberation they liked me. No 1 f***s pinch nan Swifties, you know,”. Oh, I cognize Joe. I americium one, and you’re cool pinch us. Now let’s talk astir immoderate euphony title shows. ‘The Voice’ and ‘Idol’ conscionable ended and their adjacent seasons could look beautiful different.

Carson Daly 2:02
The victor of play 23 of nan sound is Gina Miles!

Tetris Kelly 2:07
Gina Miles whitethorn person won ‘The Voice’ for squad Niall Horan and Iam Tongi whitethorn person won ‘American Idol,’ but it’s nan judges’ panels that really person viewers talking.

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Blake Shelton said goodbye to ‘The Voice’ aft 23 seasons pinch a heartfelt tribute pinch his mentors complete nan years, but who’s coming backmost adjacent season? Season 23 winning coach Niall Horan is returning and will beryllium joined by returning judges John Legend and Blake’s woman Gwen Stefani. Replacing Blake for 24 is state euphony fable Reba McEntire.

Reba McEntire 2:48
To beryllium capable to travel successful and shape my team. I’m truthful looking guardant to it.

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Over connected ‘American Idol’ Katy Perry would emotion to shingle things up connected nan judges sheet because it comes pinch its challenges

Katy Perry 3:01
Probably being a female and having a beardown opinion.

Tetris Kelly 3:03
But she has a solution for nan testosterone overload.

Katy Perry 3:06
This is an invitation from me, Katy Perry: Lizzo, I’m asking you to subordinate nan panel. I could really usage immoderate bold, honorable basking takes.

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She told BuzzFeed she would emotion to stock judging duties pinch Lizzo. Onto nan communicative that has nan Internet divided: BTS is utilized to breaking records, but this clip it’s being challenged. J-Hope says “Hi” from nan service and SUGA breaks touring records. Here’s today’s BTS news. After unleashing his solo medium ‘Jack successful nan Box’ and a basking collab pinch J. Cole, BTS’ J-Hope has entered his mandatory subject work successful South Korea. He shared pics that nan ARMY are dying complete and a caption saying, “ARMYs I vanished it well. I was capable to complete training good because of nan letters of support you sent maine were very helpful. Will do my champion for nan remainder of my subject work and show you my best. I emotion you.” We emotion you too. And ARMY besides showed a batch of emotion to SUGA. Under his Agust D persona, it’s being reported that he’s nan first rapper to gain complete $3 cardinal successful a azygous arena performance successful US history. He joins nan likes of Lizzo and Travis Scott, arsenic Twitter continues its reoccurring statement connected who it considers to beryllium a rapper.

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From K-pop to K-rock. I caught up pinch LØREN backmost successful Austin and played a small accelerated occurrence crippled to study a small much astir nan rocker

Tetris Kelly 4;38
I do want to play a crippled pinch you, it’d beryllium really easy. I’m conscionable going to opportunity a condemnation and you decorativeness it pinch nan first thought that comes to your caput arsenic speedy arsenic possible. Alright?

LØREN 4:45

Tetris Kelly 4:45
My favourite precocious nighttime snack is

LØREN 4:47
Instant noodles.

Tetris Kelly 4:48
Instant noodles?!

LØREN 4:49
It’s for illustration successful my blood, you know? Like, it’s for illustration nan 1 point that you’re not expected to eat astatine night.

Tetris Kelly 4:54
If I wasn’t a singer, I would be…

LØREN 4:56
A tattooist.

Tetris Kelly 4:57
Have you ever done 1 of your ain tattoos?

LØREN 5:00
I really person a really adjacent tattooist, and you cognize I springiness her for illustration a really bad image of what I want and she conscionable benignant of for illustration refines it you know? And truthful we benignant of spell backmost and distant and she’s like, What do you deliberation astir this angle? What do you deliberation astir nan size? And past we conscionable benignant of put it together.

Tetris Kelly 5:13
The astir celebrated personification that follows maine connected IG is…

LØREN 5:16
I deliberation Somi from nan Black Label. I think

LØREN 5:26
I’m beautiful judge that’s it.

Tetris Kelly 5:27
I’m gonna spell done your followers now.

Tetris Kelly 5:29
My existent obsession is,

LØREN 5:31
I deliberation cars I’ve ever been a car feline and I don’t deliberation I ever grew retired of it but I precocious sewage into a car clang and truthful I request to get for illustration a rental correct truthful I sewage a Toyota Supra and that car’s been for illustration really really nosy truthful I deliberation conscionable going for drives has been my obsession.

Tetris Kelly 5:45
Well, acknowledgment truthful overmuch for again for coming retired and hanging out. This is truthful fun.

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Before I fto you go, Goyo is sidesplitting nan Latin euphony crippled and if you don’t cognize her here’s 5 things astir nan artist.

Goyo 6:01
¡Hola, mi gente! Soy Goyo La Pantera y estas boy cinco cosas que nary sabían de mí. Primera cosa que nary sabías de mí: Bueno, amo las pastas, maine encanta la comida Italiana. Nadie se espera eso de mí, pero maine gusta todo lo italiano, hasta Mario Bros. Segunda cosa que nary sabías de mí: Seguramente nary sabían que ya nary vivo en Colombia, que estoy viviendo en Miami. Tercera cosa que nary saben de mí: Que pertenezco a un grupo que se llama ChocQuibTown, pero que estoy haciendo un álbum, construyendo un álbum, sola, con todo el mundo de La Pantera, pa’ ustedes, mi combo, con mucho amor. Cuarta cosa que nary sabían de mí: Que antes de ser Goyo y estar en ChocQuibTown, estuve en un colectivo que se llama Sidestepper, dirigido por Richard Blair, un productor Inglés y que con ellos pude viajar por 25 países en el mundo, en muchos festivales, rapeando y cantando con ellos. Y quinta cosa que nary sabían de mí, es que practiqué por mucho tiempo voleibol y estuve en el equipo del colegio, y todavía maine encanta, así que en estos días nos vemos en una cancha en Miami Beach.

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That’s it for today. Come backmost tomorrow for my question and reply pinch Lauren Jauregui and we talk astir 1 of my favourite topics Disney. I’m Tetris Kelly and this is Billboard News.

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