Taylor Swift & Ice Spice Releasing Duet After Matty Healy Insulted the Rapper

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Taylor Swift Dropping Collab pinch Ice Spice ... After BF Matty Healy Insults

5/24/2023 1:53 PM PT

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Taylor Swift is teaming up pinch Ice Spice for an all-new collab ... but nan caller task conscionable truthful happens to travel connected nan heels of her boyfriend, Matty Healy's insults aimed astatine nan rapper.

T-Swift made nan announcement via Twitter, Wednesday ... saying, "Um. SO overmuch to show you. I’m a monolithic instrumentality of this superb creator and aft getting to cognize her I tin confirm: she is THE ONE to watch."

ice spice

"So delighted to opportunity that 'Karma' Featuring nan unthinkable @icespicee_ will beryllium retired TOMORROW nighttime astatine MIDNIGHT ET arsenic a portion of nan caller Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) deluxe medium that you tin pre-order now" ... she besides told fans astir a fewer different projects she has up her sleeves.

However, nan Ice Spice task couldn't beryllium much awkwardly -- or, possibly purposely -- timed ... considering her boo Matty precocious came nether occurrence for dissing nan "Munch" rapper.

Elle/The Adam Friedland Show

ICYMI, successful Feb, The 1975 frontman went connected nan "The Adam Friedland Show," wherever Nick Mullen, Friedland and Matty made derogatory comments astir nan rapper while besides mocking Chinese and Hawaiian accents. That clip precocious resurfaced online ... on pinch a clip of Ice expressing her emotion for The 1975 band, successful a abstracted interview.

Matty coiled up apologizing, past month, for offending her but immoderate fans felt nan apology was lackluster. The section was besides scrubbed connected respective platforms.

As you know, Taylor and Matty have been inseparable ... aft news sewage retired she broke up pinch her longtime fellow Joe Alwyn.

🎥| Taylor won “Song Of The Year” for “Anti-Hero” astatine nan iHeart awards! pic.twitter.com/H4Ab9zOMAn

— Taylor Swift Updates 🏟️💜 (@swifferupdates) March 28, 2023 @swifferupdates

We cognize Tay and Ice had astatine slightest 1 typical infinitesimal together... pinch IS introducing her "Song of nan Year" triumph for "Anti-Hero" astatine nan iHeart Awards backmost successful March and nan 2 posing for photos together.

Clearly, there's nary Bad Blood betwixt nan 2 women and they're fresh to bring their talents together ... Ready For It?

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