Taylor Swift's Singing Security Guard Says It Was Easy to Get Concert Gig

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Taylor Swift Security Guard Singin' Swiftie Says 'Easy' to Score Gig But I Had a Different Plan!!!

5/22/2023 2:10 PM PT


The information defender who went viral for being an undercover Swiftie says it was a elemental process to get nan occupation moving Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, but he admits things didn't spell arsenic he primitively planned.

Davis Perrigo, whose time occupation is accounting, joined america Monday connected "TMZ Live," and explained he conscionable had to capable retired a shape successful bid to activity "security" astatine Nashville's Nissan Stadium for Taylor's performance -- and moreover did a trial tally by moving a Luke Combs' performance astatine nan aforesaid venue nan week before.

ow-pressureOnce Davis was successful nan stadium he figured retired really to get himself arsenic adjacent to nan vocalist arsenic imaginable ... and ended up doing a very basic, l information item while havin' nan clip of his life.

TikTok / @sobaditsgoodwithryanb

ICYMI, clips of Davis person blown up online, showing him singing to his heart's contented arsenic Taylor's performing complete his shoulder.

Many fans expressed emotion for him aft seeing him spell each retired -- successful existent Swiftee manner -- but Davis besides gives america nan deets astir a "real" information defender who had to show him to reside it down.

And BTW, Davis had a wholly different scheme for sneaking successful earlier he recovered nan spot up front. Originally, he was gonna ditch his azygous altogether and person nosy successful nan audience.

Ya gotta emotion it erstwhile a beforehand statement scheme comes together, for illustration it did for Davis.

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