Tears Of The Kingdom Made Shield Surfing Even Better

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As was nan lawsuit successful Breath of nan Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom lets Link usage his shield arsenic an improvised surfing device. It’s some nosy and useful for getting retired of problem if you cognize really to do it. But TotK adds a small twist to this nosy mechanic by measurement of nan game’s caller Fuse ability. If you thought surfing connected shields earlier was fun, past conscionable wait.

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Tears of nan Kingdom is quickly gaining notoriety for really playful and intuitive its various physics and crafting systems are. Fuse and Ultrahand are cool ways to harvester various objects together, but mixed pinch nan game’s lifelike physics, players are discovering each mode of absorbing ways to get astir puzzles, combat, engage successful questionable activities, and simply person fun. One specified anticipation is nan expertise to fuse random objects to Link’s shield to either boost its protect characteristics aliases augment nan game’s shield surfing method depending connected what items you connect it to.

Shield Surfing 101: How to maestro nan technique

You may’ve accidentally triggered nan shield surf method if you ever tried jumping while holding your shield up. To shield surf, you’ll want to execute this fastener combo successful this order: X + ZL + A. (You tin besides switch nan bid of X and ZL for this combo). Note that only shields pinch soft surfaces will work. So thing for illustration nan Armor-Shard Shield pinch its spikes will conscionable make you fall.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

It’s champion to believe this while stationary astatine first. Once you get a consciousness for it, a moving commencement will springiness you immoderate momentum. The steeper nan slope you’re going down, nan further you’ll move. Note: this does harm to your shield. So prevention nan inexpensive ones for thrills aliases usage nan method arsenic a speedy evasive maneuver to mitigate harm to your shield.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

Also, erstwhile you paraglide while shield surfing, your shield will enactment glued to your feet, truthful consciousness free to concatenation surfing pinch paragliding backmost to surfing. Also, hitting nan shield surf combo while paragliding will put you into a shield surf, truthful nan adjacent clip you’re paragliding to nan surface, now you tin onshore pinch style.

Fuse your shields to Zonai Carts and Sleds for much fun

Zonai devices tin beryllium recovered each complete Hyrule. Two successful peculiar tin beryllium fused to your shield to boost its surfing capabilities: carts and sleds. You tin find carts from nan Zonai Dispenser supra nan Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, which is besides highlighted successful this guide). Sleds tin beryllium recovered astatine nan East Gerudo Sky Archipelago Zonai Dispenser. Note that these are not nan only places to find specified items, but we’ve had nan astir luck getting them here. You tin hover supra dispensers successful nan representation to spot what items are disposable arsenic well.

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Once you get these items, driblet them successful beforehand of you, past deed L to telephone up your abilities. Highlight nan point you wish to fuse and past deed ZL to hindrance it to your shield. Fusing a cart to your shield will fundamentally springiness you a skateboard to roam astir with. This offers acold greater recreation region and power than conscionable a shield alone. You tin besides ollie pinch a cart shield.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

Fusing a sled fundamentally gives you a snowboard (but you tin usage it connected writer and different surfaces). You tin surf on pinch galloping horses—which is almost arsenic nosy arsenic swimming pinch tigers (don’t ask).

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

This doesn’t make your shield invincible. Surfing will still taxable your shield to deterioration and tear, moreover erstwhile fused to something, and it will break. So usage it wherever it makes sense. It’s a beautiful awesome measurement to get immoderate region from Gloom Hands.

Shield surfing is conscionable 1 of nan galore playful tricks Tears of nan Kingdom offers, allowing some nosy and strategy. And fuse only heightens nan shenanigans you tin get up to. Just queue up immoderate due music and watch those steep drops!

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

An artist's rendition of Link arsenic he appears successful Tears of nan Kingdom.

Image: Nintendo

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