Tears of the Kingdom's Glide Set Makes Flying Way Better

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There judge is simply a batch of skydiving successful The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom. But bully news: Paragliders, Zonai Wings, and different fascinating Ultrahanded contraptions aren’t your only intends of improving Link’s expertise to soar done air. Consisting of 3 pieces of armor, nan Glide group improves your skydive mobility and cuts backmost connected really overmuch stamina paragliding will soak up.

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey II Volume 1

Getting nan afloat Glide set, however, isn’t a matter of stepping into a shop and shelling retired immoderate rupees. You’ll person to spell done a group of trials, but to moreover get to those, you’ll apt request to unlock immoderate towers and traverse immoderate treacherous terrain. We’ll spell complete each those specifications by nan extremity of this guideline truthful you’ll cognize precisely wherever to spell and what to do to get yourself nan Glide Shirt, Tights, and Mask.

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To execute nan quest to combine each pieces of nan Glide armor set, its champion to max your stamina a reasonable magnitude (say 2 aliases 3 stamina vessels conscionable to beryllium sure). Or you tin whip up immoderate nutrient aliases elixirs to either replenish your stamina aliases impermanent summation your limits. You’ll beryllium ascending immoderate precocious heights, truthful much stamina is much better. Also, it pays to person immoderate bully snowfall gear—which I’ll screen here—so this guideline will really nett you 2 afloat armor sets if you travel everything. Let’s get started.

Tears of nan Kingdom: How to get nan Glide Shirt from Courage Island

The Glide garment is astir apt easiest to commencement with. We request to get to Courage Island. Head to Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, which is Northwest of Lookout Landing (along nan measurement you tin besides chat pinch Hestu if you haven’t done truthful already).

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If this isn’t your first effort astatine activating a caller tower, past you’ll cognize galore of them require a short broadside quest to get working. The Lindor’s Brow Tower stands connected a lone, raised land successful nan mediate of a lake. Fear not, this is 1 of nan easier towers to unlock. All you request to do is position yourself southbound of nan building and look to your near to spot a bundle of lumber. Ultrahand immoderate planks together to build yourself a elemental span and mosey connected up to nan building to get it activated.

Link walks up a makeshift ramp to nan Skyview Tower.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Once you’re up successful nan air, you’ll want to caput southwest. You’re looking for a group of ring-shaped entity islands that rises up for illustration a elephantine file (this will beryllium existent of each 3 areas for nan Glide set). Land connected nan land beneath nan rings, nan 1 pinch nan large information excavation of water, and person a chat pinch a Steward Construct nearby. They’ll show you astir a Dive Ceremony and will inquire you to spell for a proceedings dive first. The proceedings tally will unlock nan existent trial to get you nan Glide garment (as good arsenic nan Shrine connected this island).

Note: You tin initiate this dive proceedings connected your ain by heading for nan land astatine nan apical of nan file of rings, but nan Construct will nonstop you up location anyway. It’s up to you which measurement you’d for illustration to start.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

Each effort astatine nan Dive Ceremony costs 1 Zonai Charge. If you tally retired of them, this Steward Construct will fto you get 1 free effort (just don’t show anyone). If you request to hop disconnected nan land to cod much Zonai Charges, nan adjacent Shrine is simply a speedy and easy accelerated recreation constituent to get your measurement backmost to nan land without needing to motorboat from nan building again.

As you’ll spot from nan trial, this is simply a beautiful straightforward trial of aerial maneuvers. You’ll person 35 seconds to get done each of nan greenish rings. Make judge you dive disconnected nan first level and don’t conscionable fall. But here’s a instrumentality you mightiness not person figured retired yet: Holding R will initiate a dive and will velocity up your descent rapidly. This method isn’t wholly basal connected this first ceremony, but nan ones for nan Tights and Mask will require it if you want to decorativeness wrong nan allotted time.

Make it down to nan excavation of h2o successful clip and nan Steward Construct will reward you pinch nan Glide shirt. Depending connected really accelerated you complete this ceremony, they whitethorn inquire you to spell for a 2nd travel done nan ceremony, this clip finishing it successful 20 seconds. Doing truthful will nett you a Large Zonai Charge.

Tears of nan Kingdom: How to Get nan Glide Tights From Bravery Island

To get nan Glide tights, we’ll request to go to Bravery Island, located successful nan North Hyrule Sky Archipelago. As you might’ve guessed, a Skyview Tower is nan champion measurement to get location (and pinch improved skydive mobility from nan Glide shirt, it’ll beryllium moreover easier this time).

From Lookout Landing, make your measurement north, past Hyrule Castle and nan Great Hyrule Forest. As you approach nan Thyplo Ruins Skyview Tower, you’ll astir apt beryllium capable to stitchery why it won’t beryllium functioning conscionable correct upon your arrival. A moveable level is blocking nan exit point.

A position of nan Skyview Tower shows nan exit blocked.

Well correct there’s your problem.Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

As you scope nan tower, you tin person a chat pinch our pal Billson, who is utterly perplexed arsenic to why nan building won’t work. Lucky for Billison, you’re location to make his occupation overmuch easier. But you’ll request to get to nan apical of nan building to hole nan issue.

How you get up location is up to your ain creativity, of course. If you’ve sewage immoderate decent stamina, you could conscionable climb nan tower, but location are besides floating platforms pinch rockets connected them. You tin scope nan lowest hanging 1 pinch Ascend and tin past move these platforms pinch Ultrahand, and hole rockets to various sides of them. Use these to get your measurement to nan apical and move nan level blocking nan exit chute of nan tower. Then caput connected down to present Billson nan bully news and get fresh to alert erstwhile more.

Getting to Bravery Island is simply a small trickier than Courage Island. Bravery Island is southbound of nan Thyplo Ruins Skyview Tower, and arsenic you’ll spot erstwhile successful nan air, nan file of rings is simply a spot excessively acold to scope pinch conscionable nan paraglider (though you tin scope it straight pinch this slick Zonai Wing trick).

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

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If you’re not utilizing nan Zonai Wing trick, you’ll request to do immoderate land hopping. Start pinch nan closest land you tin onshore on: It’s shaped for illustration a instrumentality pinch 4 spokes (one slanted) sticking out. Here you’ll find a dispenser and nan Mayam Shrine, which you’ll request to activate by getting nan crystal from nan Flux Construct I up ahead.

Move southbound to nan adjacent land and, should you choose, you tin get yourself into a small leader conflict against a Flux Construct I. This leader isn’t terribly complicated. Strike nan glowing cube to harm it. It will morph into different forms pinch each phase, causing you to alteration up your strategy. Depending connected your armor and wellness level, nan Flux Construct tin termination you quick, truthful support your region and make usage of arrows equipped pinch monster eyes to much reliably onshore your strikes. I besides recovered that Zonai Beam-fused weapons did generous harm to its anemic point.

Whether you dispense pinch nan Flux Construct aliases not, you tin caput southbound to nan guidelines of nan adjacent Dive Ceremony, chat pinch nan Steward Construct to initiate nan first proceedings tally (and unlock nan Simosiwak Shrine) past get fresh for a somewhat much challenging dive.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

First, make judge nan Glide garment is equipped arsenic it’s going to beryllium enormously adjuvant here. You will besides request to clasp R astatine various points to velocity up your descent aliases you will simply ne'er make it to nan bottommost successful conscionable 35 seconds. Since nan Rings move, announcement nan falling greenish orb to foretell nan adjacent one’s location, past deed and clasp R supra each 1 to velocity done it. This 1 mightiness return you a effort aliases two.

Tears of nan Kingdom: How to get nan Glide Mask from Valor Island

Lastly, we person nan bird-lookin’ Glide mask. To get this, beryllium fresh to hike done immoderate unreasonably acold weather—the benignant that a fistful of cooked peppers won’t prevention you from. Head to Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. This is located southeast from Lookout Landing. But fixed nan deathly acold weather, you’re gonna request immoderate lukewarm apparel and for that, we’re taking a hike to Rito Village, and make judge you’ve sewage a bully chunk of rupees, astir 2,150 if you want to beryllium arsenic protected from nan acold arsenic possible.

To get to Rito Village, caput Northwest from Lindor’s Skyview Tower (the first building we utilized to get nan Glide shirt). It’s gonna beryllium acold present too, but immoderate cooked peppers should thief you retired (and shield surfing is simply a awesome measurement to get around successful this area too).

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Rito Village has a surgery span prohibiting you from getting there. You tin either Ultrahand immoderate kinda solution, flip a Hylian conifer cone into a adjacent campfire to create an updraft you tin paraglide up from, aliases usage a Zonai Spring to get nan tallness basal to scope Rito Village.

Once there, ascend to Brazen Beak armor shop and drawback nan Snowquill armor set. It’s pricey, but location are a number of reliable ways to farm for rupees which you tin publication astir here.

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You tin get by pinch conscionable nan Tunic and Trousers (or conscionable nan Tunic and nan Archaic Warm Greaves located adjacent nan Gutanbac Shrine connected Great Sky Island), but if you’re for illustration me, you’ll person irresistible compulsion to get nan full group (you are reference a guideline to get nan full Glide group afterall, aren’t you?). Once you’ve sewage your snowfall gear, get fresh to trek each nan measurement backmost southeast to Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower.

Link climbs a upland to nan adjacent Skyview Tower.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

The biggest situation present is nan climb and nan cold. With nan Snowquill armor set, nan acold won’t fuss you, but you mightiness want to see grinding immoderate Shrines to up your stamina to astatine slightest make nan trek to Mount Lanayru’s building easier.

Once you scope nan summit, get fresh to woody pinch different problem….not! You tin conscionable unfastened nan doors, deed nan terminal, and hop connected nan launcher successful this one. Thankfully not each Skyview Tower is successful shambles successful Hyrule.

Valor Island is northeast of nan tower, truthful ascend, fto Link do his scan point if you haven’t already, and past get fresh for immoderate ray land hopping akin to nan travel to Bravery Island. Once again, you’re looking for a elephantine file of ringed Sky Islands. Hit nan guidelines of it pinch nan pool, chat pinch nan Steward Construct to initiate nan free trial, and past get fresh to dive again.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

Don’t hide to reequip your Glide garment and tights. After climbing Mount Lanayru, you mightiness still person your snowfall cogwheel on. I personally recovered Valor Island’s Dive Ceremony easier than Bravery Island. Hold down R erstwhile due to summation nan astir velocity and hit nan 35-second requirement. Once you scatter down into nan pool, you’ll chat pinch nan Steward Construct yet again and, provided you clear nan time, you’ll beryllium awarded nan Glide mask.

Given conscionable really overmuch clip is spent jumping disconnected Sky Islands and traversing agelong distances pinch nan paraglider, nan Glide armor group is 1 of nan astir basal ensembles to gather. And, successful nan process, you’ll besides request a Snowquill armor group (or immoderate balanced to it), truthful you’ll travel retired of this travel pinch 2 awesome armor sets to group retired and research moreover much of Hyrule.

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