Tears Of The Kingdom’s Great Fairy Quest Is Worth It To Upgrade Your Armor

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Weapons and shields are constantly breaking successful Tears of nan Kingdom, truthful you request immoderate perks attached to nan 1 changeless you have: clothes. The Great Fairies, elephantine ladies pinch magical abilities recovered astir Hyrule, tin thief you pinch that. In speech for immoderate materials, they tin make your armor much powerful. The instrumentality is, you’ve gotta get them to travel retired of their plant-like houses. Seeking their thief is an progressive process because it ties into different questlines, but here’s a speedy rundown of really to find them and return advantage of their peculiar group of skills.

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How do I commencement nan Great Fairy quest successful Tears of nan Kingdom?

Oddly enough, uncovering nan Great Fairies requires you to commencement a wholly unrelated quest. Potential Princess Sightings, which you tin find arsenic soon arsenic you get successful Hyrule astatine nan Lucky Clover Gazette’s agency extracurricular Rito Village, follows Penn, a newsman for Hyrule’s section paper. Penn’s escapade besides interfaces pinch a ton of quests and mechanics passim its runtime. This includes nan Great Fairy quest. It acts arsenic a springboard for some reuniting nan philharmonic group The Stable Trotters, and drafting nan fairies from their isolation. One of nan 12 missions you’ll return connected alongside Penn takes you to Woodland Stable successful Eldin Canyon, and nan crippled asks you to carrier members of nan set to nan Great Fairies’ location truthful they tin serenade her retired of nan Ganondorf-induced funk she’s in.

The simplest measurement to do this successful nan first quest is to usage a equine and nan Towing Harness to resistance their cart up to nan Great Fairy. Though you mightiness consciousness inclined to usage Ultrahand conscionable to prime nan cart up and transportation it over, The Stable Trotters person anemic stomachs and will kick if nan cart stays disconnected nan crushed excessively long.

How do I aftermath up nan different Great Fairies?

The bully point astir this quest statement is that erstwhile you talk to 1 Great Fairy, you’ll spot nan locations for each Great Fairy connected nan map. Each of them is adjacent to 1 of nan stables, which ever person a accelerated recreation constituent adjacent them and you tin spot wherever their bulbs are from a region acknowledgment to nan purple state coming retired of nan top. So getting astir to your destination is beautiful simple, but each quest does require immoderate jumping astir nan map. The problem is nan different 3 quests each person an further measurement connected apical of trying to get a personnel of The Stable Trotters to nan Great Fairy’s doorstep.

How to do nan Great Fairy Mija quest

You tin attack these quests successful immoderate order, but first we’ll talk astir is Mija, who lives successful nan snowy Herba Mountains and likes nan sound of a horn. The Stable Trotters’ horn subordinate is simply a adjacent measurement southbound successful Tabantha Frontier. While he mightiness beryllium retired of nan Herba Mountain cold, he’s successful a overmuch worse situation: he and his cart person taken a tumble into a spread and he has nary measurement out. But Link’s nan Hero of Hyrule, truthful he’s contractually obligated to thief him out.

A representation shows Eustus' location.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Eustus says he request you to get him and nan cart itself retired of nan hole, and luckily, there’s a bunch of Ultrahand materials that assistance things disconnected nan crushed that make that possible. I placed nan slab connected top, put a occurrence emitter facing upward connected that, and past topped it disconnected pinch a balloon. Once that lifted Eustus and his cart disconnected nan ground, I climbed up and utilized Ultrahand to propulsion him to safety. But consciousness free to effort different method pinch each nan devices down here. As a reward, he will springiness you 3 pieces of Courser Bee Honey, which, if you do this quest earlier nan adjacent 1 we’re gonna talk about, will thief you skip a measurement successful nan process.

Link is seen displaying an Ultrahand contraption.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Head to Snowfield Stable and Ultrahand a tile onto nan cart, past drawback 1 of your horses and equip nan Towing Harness again. Attach nan harness to nan cart and past it’s a elemental strut up to Mija’s location betwixt you and much powerful clothing upgrades.

What to do successful nan Great Fairy Cotera quest

Next up, we’re heading to nan Great Fairy bulb adjacent Dueling Peaks Stable. This is nan location of Cotera, and she wants to perceive nan sound of a drum. To bring a percussionist to Cortera’s doorstep, you’ll person to complete nan Honey, Bee Mine, which starts conscionable southbound of Bonooru’s Stand adjacent Kakariko Village. At nan confederate separator of nan region, you’ll find a way successful nan mountainside signified by an archway. Pass done that and you’ll find Beetz playing his drum successful a tent. If you didn’t get nan Courser Bee Honey from Eustus, you’ll person to way down 3 combs of chromatic to get him to play ball. He says he heard we tin find immoderate adjacent nan chasm adjacent to Kakariko Village. Fast recreation to Kakariko and caput toward nan large scary spread successful nan crushed and look for Courser Bee Honey hanging from nan character branches connected nan way. A swarm of bees will travel aft you if you return these, truthful nan safest method is to sprout them down pinch your bow. Just don’t guidelines astir excessively agelong aft you prime it up.

A representation shows Beetz location.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Take these to Beetz and he’ll caput to Dueling Peaks Stable to bent retired pinch nan remainder of nan band, and they’ll beryllium fresh for carrier to Cotera’s home.This time, you’ll person to move nan group crossed nan river, truthful it’s clip to travel up pinch thing seafaring. After you talk your scheme pinch nan group astatine nan unchangeable stage, they’ll hold for you pinch their cart adjacent to nan river, but you should caput complete to nan Hyrule Restoration Materials guidelines westbound of nan stable. Use Ultrahand to drawback 1 of nan rafts and connect it to nan bottommost of nan cart, arsenic good arsenic adhd immoderate fans to springiness yourself immoderate momentum. If you don’t person immoderate connected hand, look astatine nan stone statement connected nan stream adjacent to nan dock. There’s besides a power instrumentality to thief you steer. If Mastro gives you immoderate articulator astir utilizing Ultrahand connected nan cart, conscionable talk to him erstwhile and he chills out, for immoderate reason. Then each that’s near is to thrust nan raft to Cotera’s bulb, past you’ll person different Great Fairy to thief you out.

Handling nan Great Fairy Kaysa quest

Last connected our database is connected Kaysa, who lives adjacent Outskirt Stable southwest of Central Hyrule. Her instrumentality of prime is nan flute, truthful now we’ve gotta find Pyper, The Stable Trotters’ flutist. Just for illustration Beetz, he’s not anyplace adjacent nan corresponding Great Fairy’s home, truthful caput complete to Highland Stable, which is successful nan confederate region of nan representation adjacent to Haran Lake.

Our flute subordinate is hanging retired successful 1 of nan trees adjacent to Highland Stable, truthful you’ve conscionable gotta climb up and subordinate him to spot what it would return to get him backmost successful nan band. He tells you he’s looking for 10 Sunset Fireflies. One method is to bargain them from Beedle, nan walking merchant recovered astatine different stables astir Hyrule. However, he will tally retired of stock, making this nan much time-consuming method arsenic you tally astir waiting for him to restock. The simplest measurement to find these small guys is nan 1 Pyper points you toward: nan woods northbound of nan stable. You’ll person to hold until nightfall to spot them, truthful if you request to termination immoderate time, remainder up astatine nan unchangeable earlier heading northbound to Pagos Woods. Here, you’ll find plentifulness of Sunset Fireflies for Pyper. Just support successful mind they will alert distant if they perceive you coming, truthful take disconnected your pants for minimal sound and commencement sneaking.

Take nan fireflies to Pyper and he’ll inquire you to spell to nan unchangeable and bring Haite to spot him astatine night. Depending connected what clip you spell to get her, she mightiness beryllium dormant already. If that’s nan case, you tin conscionable cheque into nan unchangeable and inquire to beryllium woken up astatine night. Haite should beryllium awake erstwhile you aftermath up, truthful you tin proceed nan quest. But she will besides get uppity astir nan upwind if it’s raining. Not that we tin power that. What’s nan other of nan “Song of Storms” successful Ocarina of Time? Link needs that.

Link and a group of friends is seen talking to a Great Fairy

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Once Pyper puts connected his show, caput complete to nan Outskirt Stable for your adjacent Ultrahand Uber ride. Mastro will show you there’s a bunch of rocks successful nan measurement of nan group’s accustomed path, but if you put their cart connected apical of nan elephantine stone slab pinch elephantine wheels straight adjacent to it and connect nan steering instrumentality to it, you tin thrust complete nan rocks and up to Kaysa’s home.

And location you person it. You’ve reunited a set and restored 4 Great Fairies’ religion successful humanity. Look astatine you connected that Hero of Hyrule shit.

How do I upgrade my clothing successful Tears of nan Kingdom?

Once you’ve awoken each nan Great Fairies, you’ll beryllium capable to upgrade immoderate (but not all) of your clothing to higher levels. Upgrading your apparel will summation their protect capabilities for a mini fee, which goes up for each level you heighten a circumstantial item. However, nan fairies require definite materials, specified arsenic monster parts aliases definite plants. Thankfully, they return nan conjecture activity retired of it by telling you what circumstantial materials you request for each piece. So don’t interest astir fumbling successful nan acheronian arsenic to what a Great Fairy wants to bulk up your favourite outfit.

Link from Tears of nan Kingdom.

Illustration: Nintendo

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