Tears of the Kingdom’s Korok Mask Will Help You Find Its 1,000 Hidden Seeds

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Gathering Korok Seeds is 1 of nan astir time-consuming tasks successful The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom. Between uncovering Koroks hiding successful each nook and cranny of Hyrule to reuniting mislaid ones pinch their friends via elaborate Ultrahand constructions, Link’s sewage his activity trim retired for him gathering each those pieces of golden Korok poop. Thankfully, location is simply a measurement to make this painstaking task a small easier. If you’re trying to cod each 1000 Korok Seeds and want thing to thief nan process along, a magical relic called nan Korok Mask will velocity immoderate worldly up.

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What does nan Korok Mask do successful Tears of nan Kingdom?

The Korok Mask is simply a wearable headpiece that looks for illustration nan leafage masks Koroks are seen wearing passim Hyrule. When Link wears it and is adjacent to a hidden Korok, nan disguise will shake. So it’s fundamentally a Korok detector, which is very adjuvant erstwhile you’re search down these small shits (both virtually and figuratively). But getting specified a covetable point is nary easy task, arsenic you’ll person to conflict your measurement to it wrong nan Depths.

A representation shows nan location of Rikonasum Lightroot.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Where is nan Korok Mask successful Tears of nan Kingdom?

To get nan Korok Mask, you’ll person to caput to Hyrule’s underground. Its vastness includes a Forest Coliseum wherever you’ll look a leader fight, but successful nan end, you’ll get nan Korok Mask for your trouble. So earlier we spell anywhere, make judge you’re stocked up connected strong weapons and shields, ample arrows for your bow, and plentifulness of nutrient for healing. Once you’re prepared, let’s caput down into nan Depths to find nan Forest Coliseum.

If you haven’t explored nan underground overmuch yet, nan quickest measurement to get to nan Forest Coliseum is by utilizing nan Minish Woods Chasm southwest of Korok Forest, which is successful nan Great Hyrule Forest region of nan map. Jumping down this spread will put you wrong stepping region of nan Forest Coliseum, which is northwest of nan chasm. If you person immoderate Brightbloom Seeds connected you, spot them arsenic you locomotion to ray up your path. You’ll yet walk by Rikonasum Lightroot, which will ray up nan surrounding area erstwhile activated. With nan lights on, you’ll announcement a way of Mighty Bananas, which will lead you to nan Forest Coliseum. Keep heading northwest until you scope nan approximate coordinates of -0120, 2438, -0621. You’ll find your battlefield here, past you’ll beryllium locked successful by nan Yiga Clan. Now strap up, Link, it’s fighting time.

Link is seen fighting nan Black Hinox.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

How should I grip nan Black Hinox conflict successful nan Forest Coliseum?

Despite nan Yiga Clan’s confidence, nan leader conflict successful nan Forest Coliseum is beautiful simple. The Black Hinox is simply a large feline who hits hard, but it’s besides slow and has a beautiful easy weakness to exploit. Just sprout its oculus pinch your arrows to momentarily stun it, past wail connected it pinch your melee limb of choice. Do that until it dies and past you’ll beryllium rewarded pinch immoderate uncommon loot and nan Korok Mask successful a thorax wherever nan Black Hinox emerged from. Now get to gathering those Korok Seeds, Hestu is waiting for you to move them successful and upgrade your pack.

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