Tears Of The Kingdom's Newspaper Quest Is One Of Its Best

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom’s Lucky Clover Gazette quest statement (referred to arsenic Potential Princess Sightings) is agelong and involved, but it’s easy 1 of nan astir rewarding detours you tin return connected your measurement to redeeming Hyrule from Ganondorf’s clutches. In this 12-part quest, Link joins Penn, a go-getting reporter, successful investigating rumors surrounding Zelda’s reappearance popping up astir Hyrule. Doing each 12 of these quests is simply a awesome measurement to spot astir of nan map, reap rewards for illustration Zelda’s aureate horse, and yet person an incredibly useful armor set.

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All that being said, there’s a batch to do connected these quests, and nan full process tin beryllium overwhelming if you haven’t already seen overmuch of Hyrule yet. So let’s get this scoop.

A representation shows nan location of Lucky Clover Gazette.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Where do I commencement Potential Princess Sightings?

To commencement nan 12 quests that dress up Potential Princess Sightings, you’ll person to meet Penn and Traysi astatine nan Lucky Clover Gazette’s office. This is conscionable extracurricular Rito Village successful nan northwest area of nan map, and Breath of nan Wild players will retrieve it was erstwhile a unchangeable successful nan past game. Here, Traysi will show you astir Penn’s communicative and asks you to travel him astatine nan stables passim Hyrule arsenic he looks into reports of Zelda making visits. As payment, you’ll slow person nan Froggy armor set, which makes you resistant to slipping while climbing connected bedewed surfaces. This was a awesome symptom successful Breath of nan Wild, truthful it’s bully to spot Tears of nan Kingdom has fixed players a measurement to mitigate it. But you’ll person your activity trim retired for you earlier you tin don this suit, truthful let’s get started.

Each clip you commencement a quest, Traysi will show you astir wherever Penn has gone (though you tin spell to nan stables successful immoderate order). She’ll springiness you a unchangeable sanction and unsmooth location, but if you’re here, you’re astir apt looking for specifics, truthful we person maps pinch each stable’s precise placement and a rundown connected what nan quest entails. Some of them are obscured by nan situation depending connected wherever you’re standing, truthful look for puffs of fume coming from their horse-shaped chimneys arsenic a ocular cue. Also, each unchangeable has a adjacent Shrine for accelerated travel, truthful moreover if you’re not trying to complete them, support an oculus retired and beryllium judge to activate it truthful you tin get backmost to this area quickly.

A representation shows nan location of Woodland Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Woodland Stable: Serenade to a Great Fairy

One of nan astir important missions you’ll travel crossed connected Penn and Link’s adventures takes spot astatine Woodland Stable because it spins disconnected into different lengthy but basal quest: awakening nan Great Fairies. However, fixed nan specifics of this one, you mightiness beryllium amended disconnected doing it later successful nan quest. At nan Woodland Stable successful nan Northwest region of nan map, you’ll find Penn talking to members of The Stable Trotters, a walking set whose euphony is adored by nan Great Fairies successful Hyrule. They want to play for nan Great Fairy Tera who’s isolated herself successful her location up nan mountain, but they request your thief to get their instrumentality up to her safely. To do this, you’ll request a equine and nan Towing Harness, which you tin get by visiting stables passim Hyrule and cashing successful nan Pony Points you get pinch each sojourn and registered horse. This is why it mightiness beryllium amended to do this quest aft having met Penn a fewer different times. But erstwhile you get a equine (either by taming 1 successful nan wild, getting Zelda’s aureate 1 from different quest successful this batch, aliases utilizing 1 of your trusty steeds that handily transferred over), you tin equip them pinch nan Towing Harness and Ultrahand it to nan band’s cart. Then it’s conscionable a elemental matter of stepping them up to nan Great Fairy’s home. You tin effort to conscionable assistance nan cart up location yourself, but these musicians are divas and don’t for illustration erstwhile you stone nan boat. Or cart, rather.

A representation shows nan location of Gerudo Canyon Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Gerudo Canyon Stable: The Blocked Well

You’ll find Penn adjacent to a good astatine nan Gerudo Canyon Stable, which Zelda has apparently told group not to spell near. Gather immoderate bully weapons and treatment supplies and hop down nan well. Here you’ll find an opening blocked by a stone formation, truthful usage either a bomb/explosive limb aliases a rock-based limb to break done nan blockage. Behind it, you’ll find a den of reliable enemies. Take them retired and Penn will outcry down and inquire what happened. Report backmost to him and that will reason nan quest.

A representation shows nan location of Highland Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Highland Stable: An Eerie Voice

Penn’s communicative is 1 of nan sillier ones, but it’s besides 1 of nan simplest. Once you get astatine Highland Stable, nan newsman will show you astir whispers of a haunting sound coming from nan good northwest of nan constitution astatine night. He asks that you return to him astatine nighttime to investigate, truthful if you’re present during nan day, hold by a occurrence aliases caput into nan unchangeable itself and slumber until nan evening. Now, each you person to do is caput to nan Haran Lakefront. Well, jump down, and talk to nan female astatine nan bottom. You’ll besides find a fistful of weapons to loot here, truthful beryllium judge to cheque that retired earlier heading to nan adjacent location.

A representation shows nan location of Dueling Peaks Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Dueling Peaks Stable: Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!

One of nan much frustrating moments I had successful each of nan Lucky Clover Gazette quests was astatine nan Dueling Peaks Stable, chiefly because it felt for illustration Tears of nan Kingdom didn’t springiness maine awesome guidance successful wherever I needed to spell aft talking to Penn. But I person suffered truthful you don’t person to. Climb to nan apical of nan stable, and you’ll find Penn waiting connected apical of nan horse-shaped chimney. He’ll show you Zelda has apparently been kidnapped by nan Yiga Clan, who has taken her to “the carved-out bosom of nan towering twins.” That’s each Penn has for you, and arsenic nondescript arsenic that is, it does astatine slightest show you it’s apt adjacent nan titular Dueling Peaks.

A representation shows nan location of nan destination successful nan Dueling Peaks Stable quest.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Head westbound from nan unchangeable until you scope nan 2 upland formations. The 1 you’re looking for is nan confederate peak, and arsenic tempting arsenic it would beryllium to conscionable climb nan sheer aboveground nan full measurement up, it’s easier to spell astir nan backmost broadside wherever you’ll person much remainder stops successful your climbing to recharge your stamina, aliases effort to find a falling stone to ride. But support going until you scope a vale successful nan midpoint wherever you’ll find Zelda, aliases personification wearing her face, successful a cage surrounded by torches. A conflict will break out, past you’ll complete nan quest.

A representation shows nan location of Wetland Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Wetland Stable: The Missing Farm Tools

The Missing Farm Tools quest is nosy because you get to usage nan Ultrahand expertise to build and thrust a raft for a feline who needs to get crossed a adjacent river. There are devices adjacent nan Wetland Stable to make a beautiful simple, drivable raft pinch a instrumentality and further artillery for bully measure, but really, nan existent will beryllium your top plus connected this quest because it will push you down stream to wherever you request to go. The Steering Stick conscionable helps you support yourself connected nan correct path. Get nan husbandman to his destination, past you’re bully to go.

A representation shows nan location of South Akkala Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

South Akkala Stable: The All-Clucking Cucco

The quest astatine South Akkala Stable is beautiful quick, but do make judge you person immoderate bully weapons connected hand. The gist of Penn’s latest lead is folks are gathering astir a character northwest of nan unchangeable to perceive their early told by a talking Cucco. In bid to perceive your luck foretold, you’ll person to do a fewer trials, but they’re elemental tasks. The first has you climb to nan apical of nan unchangeable wrong a clip limit, truthful usage your paraglider to get backmost to nan unchangeable quickly, past usage Ascend done nan ceiling to make your measurement to nan apical successful conscionable a fewer short seconds. For nan adjacent trial, nan Cucco asks you to bring 3 logs to it from nan trees adjacent nan stable. Use your melee limb to trim them down and Ultrahand them together to present them to nan Cucco. After you’ve completed some trials, you’ll person a conflict against nan Yiga Clan. Once you’ve bested your foes, that’s nan extremity of this quest.

A representation shows nan location of Foothill Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Foothill Stable: For Our Princess!

Once more, Tears of nan Kingdom leans into its silly broadside successful For Our Princess. Due to a miscommunication, a fistful of soldiers adjacent Foothill Stable are nether nan belief Zelda wants them to conflict enemies successful their underwear. Without their protective armor, they’re people worried astir being exposed and weak, but they abide by Zelda’s expected orders and caput to a monster den southbound of nan stable. Head down nan vale and up nan roadworthy until you find 2 men successful their underwear opinionated extracurricular nan den entrance, and they’ll inquire you to spell and conflict arsenic an example, but you’ll person to activity pinch nan aforesaid limitations they have. So you’ll beryllium stripped of your armor and weapons connected nan measurement inside. There will beryllium anemic weapons lying around, but you tin Fuse them pinch rocks and different materials lying astir to get immoderate other damage. Keep arsenic overmuch region arsenic you can, but effort to get immoderate cleanable dodges to propulsion disconnected arsenic galore flurry rushes arsenic overmuch arsenic you tin to return advantage of an opening. Once you hit up those baddies, caput backmost to nan unchangeable and everyone gets immoderate clarity connected Zelda’s existent orders. As good arsenic pants.

A representation shows nan location of Tabantha Bridge Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Tabantha Bridge Stable: White Goats Gone Missing

The White Goats Gone Missing quest is 1 of nan much self-explanatory ones aft you study what you’re looking for. Penn tells you a group of goats is missing and that they had an affinity for a look Zelda gave Chork, their unchangeable hand. However, he mislaid nan look and has since been cooking it improperly. All that’s near of them is uneaten Hylian Pine Cones, but luckily, they near a way of conifer cones to travel to their last destination. Chork is staring southeast of nan stable, which is wherever you request to spell to find nan trail. Just prime them up arsenic you go, because combining them pinch occurrence will make a gust of upwind you tin usage to paraglide to precocious places.

A representation shows nan location of Snowfield Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Snowfield Stable: Zelda’s Golden Horse

There are 2 ways to grip Zelda’s Golden Horse, nan easy measurement and nan difficult way. To commencement it, meet pinch Penn and Harlow connected nan northbound broadside of nan unchangeable and she’ll show you Zelda’s prized aureate equine ran disconnected northbound into vulnerable territory guarded by nan Frost Gleeok, 1 of Tears of nan Kingdom’s astir vulnerable foes. Finish talking to Penn and Harlow and you’ll beryllium fixed a stamina potion that will travel successful handy, but now it’s clip to measure really to scope nan horse. Your first action is nan astir straightforward one: conflict nan beast to get to wherever Zelda’s equine is hiding. If you’re bold capable and powerful enough, it’s doable. If you’re not rather fresh to look nan large boi, you thankfully don’t person to. We tin spell astir it.

You’ll find nan aureate equine northbound of nan Gleeok’s lair successful North Tabantha Snowfield alongside respective different horses successful an unfastened field. Sneak up down it (take your pants disconnected truthful your steps are quieter, but only if you person a cold-resistant top, hat, aliases nutrient to eat) and jump connected its back. To tame it, you’ll person to person precocious capable stamina not to get thrown disconnected while soothing it. If you’ve already sewage nan stamina upgrades, you’ll beryllium fine, but you tin besides usage Harlow’s potion to reset your stamina erstwhile it’s astir depleted. Ride nan equine backmost to nan stable, and not only will you complete nan quest, but you’ll besides person an fantabulous equine to thrust around. I named it she/her.

A representation shows nan location of New Serenne Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

New Serenne Stable: The Beast and nan Princess

The Beast and nan Princess is different somewhat frustrating quest successful this group because it’s not contained adjacent its originating Stable. At New Serenne Stable, Penn will show you astir a rumor of Zelda riding a mysterious beast that she’s besides controlling. However, it’s not here, it’s reportedly successful “the subtropical region successful nan south.” Talk to immoderate of nan patrons present and you’ll study capable to cognize you request to caput to nan Lakeside Stable successful Ubota Point successful nan southeastern portion of nan map. Talk pinch nan proprietor and he’ll show you astir nan beast is being held conscionable northbound of nan unchangeable successful nan Bronas Forest. Cross nan assemblage of h2o betwixt them (if you’ve sewage nan Zora Armor you tin quickly ascend by swimming up nan waterfalls) and you’ll meet Cima, who will clear up nan quality of nan Dondons that Zelda has been harboring here. Then that’s 1 much communicative for Penn’s portfolio.

A representation shows nan location of Riverside Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Riverside Stable: Gourmets Gone Missing

When you and Penn get astatine Riverside Stable, nan workers are waiting connected a caravan to arrive, but they’ve not shown up yet. People are increasing concerned, truthful it’s up to Link to investigate. Talk to Gotter, who will constituent you successful nan guidance nan caravan typically arrives from. Head to nan span he points you toward and locomotion down nan way until you find nan group group up successful their tents and successful a existent bad way. They’ve eaten thing gross and ill-prepared, and nan only cure is for Link to hole nan repast correctly. If you’ve already sewage nan correct ingredients for this quest, Gourmets Gone Missing tin beryllium existent quick, but if you don’t, you mightiness person to do immoderate farming to spot it done to nan end. The look requires earthy meat, stone salt, and Hylian Rice pinch nary acceptable substitutions. The first and 2nd are beautiful easy to travel by successful your journey, conscionable find a adjacent animal to termination for nan meat, and you tin find stone brackish successful either mineral deposits astir Hyrule aliases by buying them astatine nan shop successful Goron City. Hylian Rice, meanwhile, doesn’t person a awesome spawn rate, but it tin beryllium recovered by either cutting writer successful prime areas aliases by buying them astatine stores. I urge nan latter.

A representation shows nan location of Outskirt Stable.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Outskirt Stable: The Beckoning Woman

The past quest we’ve sewage involves a adjacent spot of stepping and flying. The Beckoning Woman involves a crying woman who says her friend, perchance Zelda, is successful threat and asks you to travel her to nan location. She’ll nonstop you to each destination, and they will get progressively much retired of nan way. It’s each truthful suspicious you tin astir apt spot wherever this is going, but you’ll person to walk, climb, and paraglide to each tract until you scope nan end, past a conflict will break retired pinch nan Yiga Cla, who organized nan full thing. Once you grip them, Penn will alert complete and you’ll study what you’ve learned.

What do I get for nan Potential Princess Sightings quest?

For each quest you complete, you’ll beryllium awarded rupees that gradually summation pinch each quest. You’ll besides person nan Froggy armor group successful pieces and nan Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric for your paraglider. To complete nan set, caput backmost to nan Lucky Clover Gazette’s agency adjacent Rito Village and cheque successful pinch Traysi. But nan existent reward is nan memories you made pinch Penn on nan way. Soar long, inferior reporter!

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