Tears of the Kingdom: What's Worth Doing On The Way To Kakariko Village

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Following Link’s descent from Great Sky Island, your clip is really your own. There’s a main quest which you should decidedly make immoderate progress successful (especially if you want nan all-important paraglider early on), but stretching your legs a spot and exploring what secrets this gorgeous world has successful shop for you is good worthy it. One spot you’ll want to see checking retired is Kakariko Village.

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“Find nan Fifth Sage,” 1 of nan main quests, will extremity up taking you to Kakariko Village eventually, but nan travel is worthy it early connected arsenic you’ll travel crossed immoderate shrines on nan way. Plus, exploring this world is ever a treat. I’ll mention a broadside quest aliases 2 you whitethorn want to prime up connected your trip, but don’t worry, I won’t spoil really to complete them here.

How to get to Kakariko Village from Lookout Landing

As 1 of nan first places you’ll find erstwhile rubbing down connected nan aboveground of Hyrule, Lookout Landing is wherever we’ll start. Make judge you’ve activated nan building location since this guideline will telephone retired a fewer places you’ll request nan paraglider for. Also, grab a bully magnitude of arrows earlier you go. I urge astatine slightest 10.

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A representation of Hyrule shows a highlighted way from Lookout Landing to Kakariko Village.

Image: Nintendo / Kotaku

From Lookout Landing, head southeast. Stay connected nan roadworthy until you travel to a three-way split; facing southeast, take nan leftmost path. You’ll want nan reservoir to beryllium connected your near arsenic you proceed. You’re heading for Rebonae Bridge. There’s an opportunity to get into a brawl pinch immoderate dispute Constructs and Bokoblins on nan measurement if you’re successful nan temper for a skirmish.

Addison struggles to clasp up a motion connected nan greenish rolling hills of Hyrule.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Before reaching nan bridge, you’ll travel crossed mediocre Addison, stuck location holding a damn motion featuring his beloved boss, President Hudson. Help nan feline retired by utilizing Ultrahand to drawback thing from nan adjacent stack of wood to support nan sign. He’ll springiness you a Red Rupee for it, arsenic good arsenic immoderate Veggie Rice Balls. Continue onto nan span erstwhile you’re done.

On nan span you’ll tally into Gladis who’ll chat your receptor disconnected astir Bubbulfrogs and Bubbul Gems. He’ll hint you successful connected wherever to get nan Mystic Robe: an point you tin waste and acquisition Bubbul Gems for each nan measurement eastbound astatine Woodland Stable. There’s besides a cave visible to nan near of nan span pinch immoderate Horriblins inside. True to their names, these guys tin deed difficult and are tricky to woody pinch if you’re not utilized to ‘em, but nan cave has immoderate decent loot, truthful it mightiness beryllium worthy nan trip.

Cross Rebonae Bridge and support to your correct connected nan fork successful nan road. At nan first bend, if you spell consecutive ahead, you’ll find Wetland Stable. But earlier you do, look to your near and you’ll spot immoderate rocks falling from a Sky Island. Do yourself a favour and hop connected 1 and deed it pinch Recall to nonstop yourself up to a mini island. That’ll return you up to nan Central Hyrule Sky Archipelago. This is simply a awesome vantage constituent to spot wherever we’re going next.

Crossing nan bridge, support an oculus retired connected your near for an opportunity to get a awesome vantage point.Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

From up present you’ll want to return statement of 2 things: looking southeast, you should spot Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower building connected your right, and a elephantine instrumentality to nan near (that past 1 is simply a small unsmooth to spot pinch nan game’s tie distance). That instrumentality (which is really called a Ring Ruin) is wherever you want to beryllium heading to find nan town, however, you really ought to activate nan building first. As you mightiness expect, it won’t beryllium arsenic straightforward arsenic conscionable stepping successful and hopping connected a platform.

Link stands connected a way successful Hyrule.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Before you deed nan building though, you mightiness want to deed up nan Tukarok and Morok Shrines. Tukarok is conscionable down nan Wetland Stable, which is simply a short locomotion southbound of Rebonae Bridge (when nan roadworthy makes a bend, support going consecutive disconnected nan road, you can’t miss it).

You tin past locomotion complete and climb up to nan Morok Shrine afterwards (if you do, speak pinch an NPC on nan measurement to drawback nan “Impa and nan Geoglyphs” quest), but you tin besides use a operation of your paraglider from nan Sky Archipelago and immoderate Zonai Wings to make nan travel easier.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

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Note: Walking complete to Morok Shrine is analyzable by a beautiful steep climb (you’ll apt request 2 Stamina Vessels to make it up nan character root) and connected 2 occasions I’ve encountered Gloom Hands underneath this Shrine location, truthful you’ve been warned.

How to activate Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower and conflict nan Battle Talus

Once you scope nan tower, you tin person a chat pinch Billson successful beforehand of nan building door. He’ll show you nan door’s stuck. That’s unfortunate, but not impossible. He’ll besides mention being quiet and reasoning astir mushrooms from nan cave below, your hint to flick astir astatine nan guidelines of nan hill, though, weirdly, you can’t thief mediocre Billson pinch his hunger aliases his mushroom craving.

A representation successful Tears of nan Kingdom shows a circumstantial location.

This is wherever you’ll find nan tower.Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

You will request to hop down to nan guidelines of nan elevation and participate nan cave location to progress, but there’s besides a beautiful robust foe wandering astir connected nan aboveground adjacent that you whitethorn want to woody with: a Battle Talus pinch 3 bokoblins riding connected it. You tin disregard them if you want, but it’s a beautiful nosy conflict if you’re careful.

Link has a chat pinch Billson.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

I urge taking retired nan bokoblins first pinch arrows, aliases astatine slightest knocking them disconnected nan Talus. A small, annoying quirk I’ve noted astir this conflict is that holding ZL seems to favour targeting nan Talus’ anemic constituent alternatively than nan bokoblins.

Link strikes a bokogoblin connected apical of a Battle Talus.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

When you’ve dealt pinch nan bokoblins, rhythm done jumping disconnected of higher crushed onto nan Battle Talus from near and correct sides of nan slope starring to nan building (the Talus tin commencement stepping up 1 broadside if you jump from nan aforesaid spot each clip which will wreck this strategy, truthful support switching sides).

When connected apical of nan Talus, onslaught nan acheronian stone to harm its health. It’ll yet flip you erstwhile you’ve done capable damage, truthful I urge 3 aliases 4 strikes pinch a high-power limb earlier leaping off, utilizing your paraglider to get a bully region (one onslaught from this point tin easy termination you).

Once you’re done pinch this force (or should you take to disregard nan Talus for now), caput into nan caves astatine nan guidelines of nan tower’s hill. There are 2 entrances connected either side. At first you mightiness not deliberation there’s not overmuch successful here. You’ll request to fuse a stone to a limb and commencement whacking nan acheronian orangish rocks (or use immoderate different method to clear them out). You’ll want to support going until you’re virtually underneath nan building marker connected nan map. After that, usage Ascend to recreation up into nan building to spot nan problem: 2 pieces of wood are keeping nan doorway shut. Move those pinch Ultrahand aliases conscionable drawback them and descent nan doorway open, astonishing Billson and granting you entree to nan tower.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

Finding Kakariko Village from nan Sahasra tower

Link falls toward Kakariko Village.

The colony is conscionable earlier that scary looking reddish pit.Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Launch yourself from nan building and fto Link do his scan thing. Once you’re successful freefall, you’ll want to propulsion backmost a spot to commencement falling toward nan west, correct wherever Kakariko Village is. You’ll spot a ample reddish pit—that’s nan guidance you want to caput (the Village is betwixt nan building and that pit). Keep an oculus retired for Makasura Shine conscionable overlooking Kakariko Village. When you’re ready, hop down location and commencement talking to immoderate folks to prime up immoderate quests.

Quests present see “A Trip Through History,” which will person you checking retired nan Ring Ruins for absorbing humanities insight; speak pinch Bugut to get started connected that one. There’s besides “Out of nan Inn,” which will task you pinch uncovering wherever nan section inn’s proprietor has tally disconnected to (you won’t beryllium capable to enactment astatine this inn until you complete this quest); spell effort renting a room to chat pinch a definite individual astir nan owner’s whereabouts to log that 1 successful your Purum Pad. You tin besides speak pinch Lasli adjacent a occurrence connected nan eastbound broadside of nan colony to get started connected nan “Gloom-borne Illness” broadside quest, while chatting pinch Trissa astatine nan General Store will commencement 1 called “Codger’s Quarrel.”

An artist's rendition of Link arsenic he appears successful Tears of nan Kingdom.

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