Tears of the Kingdom: What To Do For Those Dandelion Korok Puzzles You Keep Seeing

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom has a ton of Korok missions, conscionable for illustration its predecessor Breath of nan Wild, but there’s a caller type of Korok quest that near maine confused: nan dandelion.

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey II Volume 1

A fewer hours into exploring Hyrule, I noticed a dandelion, strikingly retired of place—a classical show of a Korok among us. I climbed up nan pillar wherever I recovered this dandelion. When thing happened, nary magical character buddy appeared, nary “Examine” aliases “Pick up” punctual came up, I did nan earthy thing. I deed that weed pinch nan deadly limb I wielded. The dandelion went fluttering. I panicked. I thought of nan Korok balloon trials, wherever you person to deed 1 aliases respective (often moving) balloons, each successful nan sanction of getting a measly Korok poop—I mean seed. I changeable disconnected respective arrows successful vain. Am I not hitting it? Why is nan target truthful small? And why must it move astir truthful much?

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Inevitably, nan dandelion would autumn to nan ground, and it would return to its perch wherever I recovered it. I continued to discarded galore an arrow earlier reasoning to myself, “No, I decidedly deed it that time. This can’t beryllium it.”

I went to meet nan dandelion connected nan ground. Maybe I had to deed it there? Don’t inquire why I was truthful intent connected causing wounded to this small plant. Besides, I’ve seen what you’ve each done to Koroks. I did effort to deed nan dandelion, but mid-way done my swing, I noticed a prompt. One I had hoped would travel up erstwhile I first recovered nan dandelion successful nan first place.

So really do I lick nan Tears of nan Kingdom Korok seed dandelion puzzle?

To get nan Korok seed from nan dandelion, you person to deed it. Then, title down to nan bottommost (likely making usage of your paraglider) and hold for it to scope you wherever you tin quickly property nan A to “Examine” erstwhile it gets adjacent enough.

The "Examine" punctual appears, allowing Link to cod nan Korok seed.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

A fewer things to note. Firstly, you’ll want to look up to support way of wherever that anger-inducing weed is going to fall. The dandelions don’t ever autumn successful precisely nan aforesaid spot. You’ll besides want to beryllium fresh because it’ll quickly vanish backmost up to wherever you recovered it if you don’t respond correct away.

It’s almost by mishap that I figured this out. So don’t beryllium for illustration me. Glide down pinch grace and prevention your arrows for nan balloons.

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