The 100 Greatest Disneyverse Songs of All Time

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With a period of Disney history down us, we look backmost astatine 100 songs that person helped specify nan timeless brand.


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The 100 Greatest Disneyverse Songs

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In October 1923, brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney founded nan Disney Brothers Studio, to person a spot to nutrient nan hybrid animated/live action shorts that Walt was past creating. In nan period since, Disney has go arsenic inextricable a portion of American civilization arsenic baseball, barbecue and nan blues — a taste changeless that has continued to specify not only nan shared acquisition of each generation, but a bully woody of nan connective insubstantial betwixt group of each ages. And euphony has been astatine nan halfway of each of it all.

From nan studio’s breakthrough Steamboat Willie short (set to “Steamboat Bill” and “Turkey successful nan Straw”) successful 1928, correct up to this week’s merchandise of nan live-action The Little Mermaid remake (featuring caller songs from legendary Disney scribes Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and pinch popular prima Halle Bailey successful nan lead role), euphony has been nan substance for nan full Disney machine. It’s played an basal domiciled successful not only dozens of nan studio’s astir classical movies — animated, live-action aliases some — but besides successful nan awesome mostly of their signature Disney Channel TV shows, and moreover successful astir of nan taxable parkland rides that support fans returning twelvemonth aft year.

So pinch that successful mind, we’re celebrating nan Disney Century pinch our database of nan 100 top songs from nan Wide World of Disney — immoderate composition, from popular numbers to showtunes to instrumental scores, that was specifically written for a Disney property. That intends nary pre-existing songs that person travel to beryllium commonly associated pinch Disney useful (sorry, Sorcerer’s Apprentice fans) and nary songs written for properties later acquired by Disney (no early Simpsons aliases Star Wars) — but it still intends there’s hundreds of unforgettable philharmonic moments to take from, spanning decades and genres and formats and carrying a lifetime’s worthy of memories betwixt them.

Thus, we coming our 100 favourite songs from nan full Disneyverse: successful different words, nan happiest database connected earth.

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