The 13 Best Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror Segments

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An image shows a collage of Simpsons Halloween characters and moments.

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The Simpsons is 1 of nan longest-running TV shows successful history, and while nan animated FOX bid has ever tried to shingle things up, it does support 1 contented alive: a yearly Halloween episode. But while these thin to beryllium immoderate of nan funniest episodes each season, immoderate segments are amended than others. So we decided to prime retired our favourite 13 (because it’s a creepy number aliases whatever) and item nan champion “Treehouse of Horror” segments successful nan show’s full history.

One section that won’t beryllium connected this list—even though it’s 1 of nan champion Simpsons episodes of nan past 15 years—is “Halloween of Horror.” While it is simply a Halloween-themed section of The Simpsons, it’s not a accepted multi-segment Treehouse of Horror special. So it doesn’t count.

Anyway, pinch that retired of nan way, present are nan 13 champion Simpsons Treehouse of Horror segments successful nary peculiar order.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Homer arsenic a large ape.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

I ever emotion erstwhile The Simpsons swings for nan fences pinch its parodies and ideas, moreover amended if it hits a location run. And King Homer is so a homer. (Get it?) Anyway, making a condensed black-and-white parody of nan original King Kong starring Homer arsenic nan ape and Marge arsenic his quality crush is funny, clever, and a cleanable translator of these 2 characters. And let’s not hide really funny Mr. Burns is successful this.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows 3 witches.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

Many of nan champion Treehouse of Horror segments aren’t straight connected to Halloween, oddly enough. But “Easy-Bake Coven” is simply a awesome illustration of really nan show and its writers tin return classical trappings of Halloween, for illustration witches, and twist them into drama gold. It besides helps that this section is hilarious, pinch immoderate very bully jokes, for illustration Wiggum becoming a elephantine hamster aliases nan spot involving the Flanders’ sexless marriage.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Mr. Burns arsenic Dracula.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

It almost feels for illustration cheating to reward The Simpsons’ writers for turning Mr. Burns into Dracula. It’s specified an evident idea. And yet, it useful and leads to 1 funniest (and weirdest) Treehouse segments ever. I mean this conception has the Dracula cape joke, Homer saying “Pennsylvaniaaaaaaa,” and nan intercom joke wherever Burns inadvertently reveals his full nefarious scheme because he accidentally held a fastener down. And each of that conscionable successful nan first 90 seconds.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows 2 ample aliens adjacent Homer.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

Ask anyone successful nan U.S.: American authorities are genuinely terrifying. So it makes cleanable consciousness for nan show to usage nan 1996 statesmanlike predetermination arsenic fodder for a fantastically funny Halloween conception featuring aliens, abductions, and jokes astir our two-party system. And if you person a problem seeing this conception connected nan list, don’t outcry astatine me; I voted for Kodos.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Homer losing his mind.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

Raise your manus if, arsenic a kid, this was your first vulnerability to The Shining, alternatively than nan iconic Kubrick movie aliases nan original Stephen King book. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I cognize a batch of people, myself included, who saw this conception first. And it’s a testament to really funny and well-written this short is that it still useful perfectly moreover if you’ve ne'er seen nan root material.

A haunted elevator pouring retired a elephantine activity of humor connected nan incorrect level and Mr. Burns commenting connected really overseas that is, “Usually nan humor gets disconnected astatine nan 2nd floor”? Still funny, moreover if you’ve ne'er glimpsed nan original scene.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Homer eating thousands of donuts.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

Technically this is each unranked, but if I were ranking them, “The Devil and Homer Simpson” would apt beryllium astatine nan top. Homer trading his psyche to nan devil—who knows Bart personally and looks for illustration Flanders—is a awesome concept, and nan writers perfectly wring retired each driblet of humor. I quote this conception much often than I attraction to admit and nan spot pinch Homer chomping distant connected endless donuts successful Hell is 1 of nan funniest ocular gags successful nan show’s history. All that, positive a heartwarming ending and a chaotic twist pinch a slayer last joke! What a segment!

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Homer pinch his manus successful a toaster.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

Homer Simpson walking done clip and seeing alternate futures is very funny. Some stand-out bits see nan portion wherever we spot a parallel world wherever Flanders is successful power of everything and different wherever nan only quality is that donuts autumn from nan entity for illustration rain. (But only aft Homer has already left.) However, I besides must mention nan opening of this conception featuring Homer and a toaster. It’s 1 of nan astir random moments successful nan show’s history, and his screams ever make maine laugh. A cleanable measurement to footwear things off.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Lisa and Millhouse stepping adjacent pumpkins.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

Yes, a Season 20 section made nan cut. Modern Treehouse of Horror segments often consciousness for illustration lazy parodies, aliases move excessively accelerated to instrumentality pinch you. But this one—a wonderfully animated parody of Charlie Brown cartoons—is nan objection to nan accustomed meh Treehouses of nan show’s later years. Millhouse is nan cleanable stand-in for Linus. Then having nan Grand Pumpkin show up, only to go filled pinch homicidal rage complete each nan pumpkins we butcher successful October, is simply a silly and murderous twist connected Charlie Brown that makes maine laughter each clip I watch it.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Homer holding a comedian doll.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

A Krusty nan Clown doll becoming evil and past trying to termination Homer is some really a spot scary, particularly arsenic a younger viewer, and besides a very funny setup for a short Halloween segment. However, astir group retrieve this section for a very different reason: the spot betwixt Homer and a mysterious salesman who sells forbidden objects from places men fearfulness to tread, and besides offers stiff yogurt. (He calls it “frogurt.”)

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows a 3D CG Homer.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

It whitethorn not beryllium nan funniest aliases scariest Treehouse of Horror conception successful Simpsons history, but this short still deserves praise because of its unthinkable 3D animation. Yes, coming it looks very primitive, but astatine nan clip it was groundbreaking stuff, particularly for a TV show. And because nan CGI institution that handled it was truthful hopeless for much Hollywood work, it reportedly ended up doing nan occupation for only $6,000.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Bart utilizing a flare to scare a monster.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

Oh hey look, it’s different conception from Season 5’s Treehouse of Horror, meaning each 3 segments made my faves. Impressive! Anyway, it’s not astonishing that what is considered to beryllium 1 of nan champion seasons of nan show produced a awesome Treehouse of Horror special.

And “Terror At 5½ Feet” is simply a awesome measurement to unfastened nan episode, pinch Bart recreating the classical Twilight Zone episode arsenic he panics astir a creepy animal lurking connected nan extracurricular of nan schoolhouse bus. As a kid, I retrieve this conception genuinely making maine a spot scared, particularly that twist (and shocking) ending.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows Willie dressed arsenic Freddy Kreuger.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

Groundskeeper Willie being twisted into Freddy Kruger is specified a cleanable usage of nan characteristic that it seems chaotic it took nan show 7 seasons to yet do it. This section is besides amazingly brutal, pinch kids for illustration Martin getting violently murdered onscreen arsenic Willie enters dreams and hunts down nan kids whose parents fto him pain during a PTA meeting. But successful nan parents’ defense: They each wanted to get retired of location accelerated because it was a terrible, nasty Smarch evening.

A screenshot from The Simpsons shows schoolhouse unit covered successful humor and charging kids.

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

And here’s nan 3rd and last conception from play 6’s Treehouse of Horror episode, which intends that it—like play 5’s Halloween special—is an all-time classic. What I admit astir “Nightmare Cafeteria” is that it feels creepy and disturbing. It besides has immoderate awesome jokes, for illustration Skinner’s “Isn’t location a small Uter successful each of us?” and Willie trying to prevention nan kids, but failing and dying for nan 3rd clip successful nan half-hour.

And then, aft Milhouse bites it successful a elephantine blender, nan conception ends and reveals it was each a dream. There was thing to fear, well, isolated from for that fog that turns group inside-out. Luckily, nan Simpsons person high-quality windows, and…wait, I’m being handed a message. Oh no.

Of course, narrowing my picks down to conscionable 13 awesome Halloween Simpsons segments intends I had to trim immoderate different awesome ones. And likelihood are astatine slightest immoderate of you person a favourite that didn’t make nan cut. If so, fto maine cognize which Simpsons Treehouse of Horror short is your favourite successful nan comments below.

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