The 15 Best Tina Turner Songs

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Celebrating nan precocious Queen of Rock n' Roll.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner poses astatine location for a image successful December 1984 successful Los Angeles. Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

There are a batch of overused (and misused) superlatives applied to beloved musicians erstwhile they pass, but erstwhile it comes to calling Tina Turner nan Queen of Rock n’ Roll, it’s conscionable a fact.

Tina Turner sang pinch a gritty authenticity and unfettered exuberance that was unmatched successful nan ‘60s. She taught Mick Jagger really to dance, inspired everyone from David Bowie to Beyonce and achieved nan eventual profession comeback successful nan ‘80s erstwhile her blockbuster Private Dancer medium catapulted nan 40-something subsister to nan apical of nan popular world.

As elaborate successful 1993’s Angela Bassett-starring biopic What’s Love Got to Do With It, Turner’s life wasn’t easy. She grew up successful agrarian Tennessee, began singing pinch early hubby Ike Turner erstwhile she was conscionable a teenager, and suffered his abusive, controlling behaviour for years earlier yet escaping from him and striking retired connected her own. Her solo occurrence was hardly immediate. After years of difficult work, closed doors and unanswered calls, she staged a singular profession comeback successful nan ‘80s which, successful galore ways, remains nan golden modular for immoderate stone aliases popular prima who is supposedly excessively aged to people deed songs.

In grant of nan inimitable icon’s life and work, we’re rounding up 15 of Tina Turner’s champion songs. While it includes galore floor plan hits – among them “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” her Billboard Hot 100-topping smash – this is not a chart-based list, but alternatively an editorial one. It includes songs she released during her trailblazing tally arsenic portion of Ike & Tina Turner arsenic good arsenic solo smashes.

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