The Best Phones You Can Buy in 2023

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The smartphone assemblage is truthful wide that it’s difficult to settee connected conscionable 1 champion telephone of 2023. Some of america want immense screens, accelerated processors, and tons of memory. Other group want nan very champion camera truthful they tin stock photos connected societal media. And past location are nan folks who want nan champion fund telephone and/or champion mini telephone (they’re often nan aforesaid thing), conscionable thing elemental and inexpensive that will easy fresh successful a pocket.

The iPhone SE Offers Almost Everything You Want In An iPhone

Your individual determination astir what smartphone to bargain starts, for illustration galore things, pinch picking a side: Android aliases iOS? The Google-backed Android operating strategy is nan world’s astir popular, pinch much than 70% marketplace stock astir nan globe, successful ample portion because it’s inexpensive and utilized by tons of mini companies successful processing markets. But Android’s marketplace share is trailing down Apple successful nan U.S. and Canada, and iPhones precocious scored much than 50% of nan full US marketplace for nan first clip ever.

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What telephone should I buy?

New hardware lines person analyzable nan buying decision. In nan Android world, Samsung gave up connected its Galaxy Note statement but doubled down connected foldables pinch nan Galaxy Z Flip bid and Z Fold 4. Non-folding options for illustration nan Galaxy S23 Ultra are exciting, too. Oppo, which has a monolithic assemblage overseas but is moving to pull much world attention, is coming for Android fans pinch charismatic clamshell options for illustration nan Find N2 Flip. And Google’s caller Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro characteristic immoderate of nan champion smartphone cameras we’ve ever tested. They besides battalion Google’s second-generation Tensor chip, unlocking blase AI-powered features for illustration scrubbing group retired of pictures. That spot is besides successful nan Pixel 7a, offering fund users a awesome option.

Meanwhile, connected nan iOS side, Apple’s caller iPhone 14 Pro is 1 of nan company’s champion phones ever and moreover makes a beardown lawsuit for ditching Android entirely. And nan regular iPhone 14 impressed america pinch its photography skills compared to nan Pixel 7.

We’ve sewage recommendations for group connected some sides of nan iOS/Android divide, on pinch immoderate picks for group looking for a much affordable fare.

What smartphones are coming this year?

Google is moving connected a type of nan Pixel Fold that’s group to situation Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4—it could beryllium arsenic soon arsenic June 2023 erstwhile we spot it launch. According to a Korean news outlet, Samsung whitethorn besides travel a small earlier pinch its next-gen foldable this twelvemonth successful an effort to support Google’s hardware astatine bay (and summation its chances of regaining immoderate profit).

The Pixel 7a is besides retired now, truthful there’s nary longer a request to hold off if you want to bargain nan astir existent fund device.

The iPhone 15 will motorboat this fall, but there’s nary fourth-gen iPhone SE (it’s a bummer, too, because it was rumored nan SE 4 would beryllium Apple’s first foray into making its ain mobile modems). If you’re much willing successful buying a telephone right now, we’ve sewage you covered below.

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The Best All-Around Phone

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Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Our Pick: Google Pixel 7 Pro

If you’ve already picked a broadside successful nan Android vs. iOS fight, you can’t spell incorrect pinch either nan Google Pixel 7 Pro aliases Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro. Both devices get you nan champion Android and iOS person to connection and are nan astir caller releases from each camp.

But if you want nan very best, sloppy of platform, there’s a clear choice: The Google Pixel 7 Pro ($899) is nan 1 to get. It ships pinch nan latest type of Android and nan second-generation Google Tensor G2, which is nan cardinal to immoderate of nan Pro’s unsocial AI smarts. Apple users mightiness not beryllium consenting to switch because of having to woody pinch Android, but erstwhile it comes to hardware, we for illustration nan Pixel.

The Best Apple Phone

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Our Pick: iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro ($999) pairs nicely pinch nan caller features connected show successful iOS 16—especially civilization Lock Screens pinch nan always-on display, which is only disposable connected nan Pro variant. The iPhone 14 Pro features Apple’s improved A16 Bionic chip, which outperformed each smartphone Gizmodo reviewed this twelvemonth successful synthetic benchmark tests. The Pro is besides portion of nan iPhone 14 family, which is nan first iPhone statement to connection car clang discovery and emergency SOS via satellite. If you’re nan benignant of personification that treks retired wherever work is minimal, nan iPhone 14 Pro is worthy considering for that characteristic alone.

The Best Android Phone

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Our pick: Google Pixel 7 Pro

We said it supra and we’ll opportunity it again: The Google Pixel 7 Pro ($899) is nan best. The Google Pixel exists arsenic a circumstantial spirit of Android, conscionable nan measurement Samsung’s rolled pinch it each this time. You’re not getting a stock type of nan operating strategy anymore: you’re getting a type of Android made successful Google’s image, complete pinch Material You stylings and exclusive characteristic drops. The thought is that if you take this path, you person perks. Pixels now see robotic thief pinch customer work via Direct My Call and AI magic for unblurring aged photos. They besides see nan astir up-to-date package updates straight from nan steward of nan operating strategy itself.

The Best Value Phone

A photograph of nan Pixel 7a

A good, coagulated bluish phone.Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Our pick: Google Pixel 7a ($500)

There isn’t a amended woody for Android users correct now than nan Google Pixel 7a. Not only does it boast nan caller look of nan different Tensor-powered Pixels, but it uses nan aforesaid spot arsenic nan fantabulous Pixel 7, too. That makes nan Pixel 7a a steal: it has each nan champion parts of a Google flagship without nan value tag. It’s stylish, offers unsocial features facilitated by nan Tensor chip, and will person timely package updates straight from Android headquarters—that’s not thing third-party Android devices tin flaunt.

The Pixel 7a besides has a amazingly beardown camera for its value point. It’s almost connected par pinch past year’s Pixel 7 flagship series. You’ll announcement nan astir quality betwixt value points arsenic you’re taking nighttime shots, arsenic nan Pixel 7a doesn’t person nan solid to seizure rather arsenic overmuch ray arsenic its pricier counterparts. If you’re looking for a smaller Android phone, nan Pixel 7a has a 6.1-inch surface successful a class typically dominated by elephantine devices.

Despite its charismatic pricing, location are immoderate drawbacks to nan Pixel 7a. For one, nan meager 128GB of retention will capable up accelerated if you sprout tons of videos. The phone’s show is besides constricted to a 90Hz refresh rate, which plentifulness soft and is awesome for artillery life, though isn’t rather top-of-the-stack. If nan phone’s refresh complaint is simply a concern, nan Samsung Galaxy A54 is besides successful this value scope and features a punched-up show pinch a 120Hz refresh rate.

Also Consider: iPhone SE ($430)

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The Apple iPhone SE is nan cheapest measurement to get a brand-new iPhone. Like nan Pixel 7a and its flagship counterpart, it offers everything you could want from an iPhone, truthful agelong arsenic you don’t mind its mini 4.7-inch screen. You could get an iPhone from nan past fewer generations alternatively for astir nan aforesaid price, but you’d beryllium getting an older processor and little runway connected package updates. The iPhone SE has nan upside of moving Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, which makes it bully and speedy, conscionable for illustration its bigger siblings. And while it doesn’t person Face ID, it does person Touch ID for added biometric security, positive a artillery battalion that tin grip a afloat time of progressive use.

The Best Big Phone

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Our Pick: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra ($1,200)

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is amended than its predecessor. It has a 200-MP primary camera pinch nan aforesaid 100x integer zoom arsenic nan Galaxy S22 Ultra for shooting planes, trains (from acold away), and birds. There are 2 10-MP lenses connected nan back, too, that tin negociate up to 10x optical zoom and 3x optical zoom, respectively. Samsung has besides improved its astrophotography capabilities; this is nan telephone you’ll want to get if shooting nan constellations is simply a priority.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is besides much comfortable to hold. Samsung made nan sides much rectangular than curved, and it’s amended for gripping agelong term—especially if you’re going to usage that stowaway S Pen, which you tin usage to write, draw, harvest images disconnected nan screen, aliases arsenic a distant for taking selfies. The Galaxy S23 Ultra besides has nan champion artillery life of immoderate Android instrumentality we’ve tested frankincense far. While this isn’t a telephone for everyone, this is an everything-you-need-whenever smartphone, which makes its $1,200 commencement value constituent a small much palatable astatine nan extremity of nan day.

Also Consider: iPhone 14 Pro Max ($1,099)

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Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

For devoted iOS users, nan big-ass iPhone 14 Pro Max is nan measurement to spell if you tin spend it. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is nan aforesaid telephone connected nan wrong arsenic nan smaller-sized iPhone 14 Pro. It features nan aforesaid A16 Bionic chip, triple array camera system, and integrated car clang discovery and emergency SOS capabilities. But wherever it stands retired is successful its eye-catching Deep Purple color—though its different colour variants are stunning, too. The 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED show is different fantabulous measurement to showcase your creations pinch iOS 16’s customizable Lock screens. And nan iPhone 14 Pro Max has a whopping 24-hours of artillery life.

The Best Small Phone

Samsung Galaxy S23

Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Our pick: Samsung Galaxy S23 ($800)

For Android users, springiness nan smaller Samsung Galaxy S23 a try. This 6.1-inch instrumentality is what nan expert ordered if you’re complete nan elephantine screens taking up precious pouch space. The Galaxy S23 has improved nighttime photography complete its predecessors—enough to compete toe-to-toe pinch Google’s algorithms. And though nan show is smaller than nan norm, it is Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED pinch a whopping 120Hz refresh rate, truthful utilizing it will consciousness smoother than what you’d acquisition pinch nan 90Hz Google Pixel 7. The only caveat is that nan mini Galaxy S23 doesn’t support UWB, which you mightiness want to get nan astir retired of what you salary your bearer each month.

A statement of iPhone 14s successful midnight, starlight, (PRODUCT)RED, blue, purple, and nan all-new yellow.

Image: Apple

Also consider: Apple iPhone 14 ($800)

If you are still looking for a small, pocketable telephone and are committed to nan Apple measurement of life, nan 6.1-inch iPhone 14 is besides worthy consideration. Apple bundled this instrumentality pinch nan iPhone 13 Pro’s A15 Bionic processor pinch a spot of other oomph. It has 1 little camera than nan Samsung Galaxy S23, but nan further telephoto connected that instrumentality only partially pays off. The iPhone 14 besides has Apple’s outer connectivity for emergencies. And it comes successful a spectrum of colors, including yellow.

The Best Foldable Phone

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Our Pick: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 ($1,800)

If you’re going to bargain a foldable, fto yourself commit: bargain nan Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Of each nan devices I reviewed this year, nan Z Fold 4 remains my number 1 prime for regular use. But that’s besides because, heavy inside, I for illustration utilizing a tablet for mundane tasks for illustration reading, watching videos, and trudging done email. I for illustration nan “widescreen” effect that you get pinch nan 7.6-inch tablet interface connected nan wrong and that I tin fold down nan smartphone to a 6.2-inch instrumentality I tin driblet into my container and move astir life with. And yes, this telephone is simply a ton of money. But location person been immoderate successful reports of discounts by trade-in.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has an awesome database of offerings since it’s expected to beryllium nan end-all, be-all foldable device: high-resolution AMOLED displays, a three-camera array that compares to Samsung’s flagships, 12GB of RAM, up to 1TB of storage, and IPX8 h2o resistance–not thing you typically expect from a instrumentality that perforates. It besides runs nan latest type of Android; nan Z Fold 4 shipped pinch Android 12L, and it will yet person an upgrade to Android 13, which packs much tablet-friendly interface elements than past versions.

This database is updated regularly pinch caller recommendations and merchandise forecasts.

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