The Best Way To Get Tears Of the Kingdom's Hylian Rice Isn't Farming

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Hylian Rice is simply a beautiful uncommon commodity successful Tears of nan Kingdom, but respective recipes usage it and a fewer quests moreover require it. If you’re having problem search down nan stuff, location are a mates ways to pouch nan constituent passim Hyrule, though immoderate are simpler than others.

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Just bargain Hylian Rice successful 1 of nan awesome villages

If you’re thing for illustration me, you want solutions to beryllium accelerated and you want them to beryllium easy. As is nan lawsuit successful nan existent world, Hyrule only offers accelerated and easy solutions successful nan shape of monetary recompense. So you tin conscionable spell to a municipality for illustration Hateno Village and bargain Hylian Rice from East Wind General Goods astatine nan southwestern separator of nan town. They costs 12 rupees each, truthful they’re beautiful inexpensive each things considered. You tin find them successful nan wide stores of astir of nan large towns, including Zora’s Domain, Gerudo Town, and Korok Forest. Beedle, nan walking merchant you’ll find astatine stables and different places astir Hyrule, will besides person Hylian Rice successful stock, but only immoderate of nan time. Your champion stake is to cheque 1 of nan stores successful nan cities.

Link is seen opinionated successful a pond pinch limb drawn cutting writer to find Hylian Rice.

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But I’m broke, really other do I get Hylian Rice?

Really, nan astir reliable measurement to get Hylian Rice is conscionable buying it, to nan constituent wherever I would opportunity your clip is amended spent earning rupees successful different broadside quests alternatively than trying to find this worldly successful nan wild. But if you’re trying to beryllium frugal, you tin find Hylian Rice successful bodies of h2o that are shallow capable to locomotion done and trim down nan writer increasing successful them. An easy illustration is nan pond surrounding nan Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower successful East Necluda. But beryllium warned, nan driblet complaint is incredibly low, truthful if you’re trying to find Hylian Rice successful bulk, this will beryllium beautiful time-consuming.

While Rabella Wetlands is 1 spot that seems beautiful reliable, location are immoderate patches of writer passim Hyrule that besides tin spawn Hylian Rice erstwhile you trim them. We had luck cutting immoderate of nan writer adjacent Sifumim Shrine, conscionable disconnected nan outskirts of Lurelin Village. Ultimately, it still takes much clip to hack up immoderate grass, but if you deficiency nan rate to bargain from nan store, this tin besides beryllium fruitful.

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You sewage your Hylian rice. Now what?

Hylian Rice is portion of recipes for dishes for illustration nan Meat and Rice Bowl and Crab Risotto, but they’re besides utilized to make White Dye successful Hateno Village’s dye shop. One constituent wherever you really request Hylian Rice to advancement is during nan Lucky Clover Gazette quests. In quests for illustration Gourmets Gone Missing and Gloom-borne Illness, you person to navigator a crockery that requires Hylian Rice. So beryllium judge to banal up connected it adjacent clip you walk done a village.

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