The Bipartisan South Carolina ‘Sister Senators’ Unite Again to Fight Restrictive Abortion Bill

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South Carolina State Senator Sandy Senn is simply a Republican female fighting yet different legislative effort to “shackle women” on broadside pinch her “Sister Senators.”

You mightiness callback Senn from her April speech, successful which she and 4 different women lawmakers (three Republicans, an Independent and 1 Democrat) agreed to filibuster a adjacent full abortion ban. They’ve stopped various abortion bills from passing 3 times since Roe was overturned, alternatively amazingly leaving ruby reddish South Carolina arsenic somewhat of a safe haven for women correct now.

The group is comprised of Sen. Mia McLeod (I-Richland), Sen. Katrina Shealy (R-Lexington), Sen. Penry Gustafson (R-Kershaw), Sen. Margie Bright-Matthews (D-Colleton), and Sen. Sandy Senn (R-Charleston). They’re astatine it again arsenic yet different abortion ballot looms arsenic early arsenic Tuesday.

Three times Senn and nan bipartisan group person “hustled to thwart what she views arsenic attempts to ‘shackle women,'” nan Washington Post reported Monday. “The group — 3 Republicans, an independent and a Democrat, who telephone themselves nan ‘Sister Senators’ — filibustered for 3 days past period to conclusion a near-total ban.

“Even if we don’t work together pinch abortion, astir of america work together pinch giving women immoderate benignant of flight hatch,” Senn said. “My antheral colleagues are taking nan incorrect approach. We’re going to suffer group successful nan Republican Party.”

The “Sister Senators” correspond not conscionable a gender divide, arsenic it is being reported, but an unthinkable displacement toward unity connected basal concepts of state and quality rights.

Senn, a dice difficult Republican, said during nan April filibuster, “Abortion laws, each and each 1 of them, person been astir control. It’s ever astir control, plain and simple. And successful nan senate, nan males each person control. We, nan women, person not asked for … nor do we want your protection. We don’t request it. There is not a azygous point I tin do erstwhile women specified arsenic maine are insulted isolated from make judge that you get an earful.”

As nan world feels for illustration it’s fraying astatine nan seams, these moments of dream are important.

Long earlier Republicans decided to politicize abortion arsenic a get retired nan ballot tool, it was not seen arsenic a governmental issue. Their determination to move a backstage aesculapian rumor into a civilization warfare pushed them to explanation abortion “murder,” which galvanized their supporters successful its utmost belief, but did not time off them immoderate room to make compromises.

If abortion is murder, past it can’t beryllium allowed nether immoderate circumstances; which intends legally women are little than afloat quality beings and citizens successful nan United States, whose bodies tin beryllium utilized by nan state. There simply isn’t immoderate room successful nan position Republicans carved retired to make communal consciousness rule that allows women state and dignity. Even now, arsenic they dishonesty astir precocious word abortion successful bid to whip up emotion complete fact, they are incapable to grip nan reality that precocious word abortion does not exist.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists defines precocious word arsenic 41 weeks – 41 weeks + 6 days, and abortion does not hap successful this period. To restrict medically basal procedures astatine this shape is to put nan mother’s life astatine risk. No 1 is carrying a gestation to word and past choosing to get an abortion. It does not happen.

Abortion is simply a aesculapian state won because it was a necessity for women to beryllium free beings. Abortion is considered a quality correct astir nan globe.

The Sister Senators correspond what is champion astir our state and show that location are immoderate extremes that will origin a rethink, moreover successful mini groups, that tin person ripple effects.

These 5 women person staved disconnected utmost adjacent full bans successful South Carolina by sticking together, crossed nan aisle. Even if they are not successful connected Tuesday, they person shown that alteration is imaginable and our state could perchance find its measurement backmost together.

Image: Mia McLeod Twitter

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