The Experience Machine review: How our brains predict the daily world

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Predictive processing is sometimes called a expansive unifying mentation of nan brain. An important guideline to nan section from Andy Clark shows nan idea’s spot – but besides really acold it has to spell to fulfil that

By Clare Wilson

FHKTG9 Catholic Cathedral Church, Jakarta, Indonesia. Image changeable 2015. Exact day unknown.

Optical illusions fool america because of the measurement we make predictions astir size and distance

Mario Gyb/Alamy

The Experience Machine
Andy Clark (Allen Lane)

ON A building site, location is simply a shriek of pain. A worker has jumped down from scaffolding and landed connected a agelong nail that is now emerging from nan apical of his boot. In clear agony, nan man is taken to hospital, wherever his footwear is trim distant to uncover that nan nail passed betwixt his toes without moreover breaking nan skin. The symptom was wholly successful nan man’s …

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