The Ferryman review: A profound new take on a sci-fi staple

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Justin Cronin's caller subject fabrication caller transmutes nan acquainted trope of a utopia pinch a acheronian concealed into a heavy communicative pinch humanity astatine its centre. Read on pinch america astatine New Scientist's book club

By Neil McRobert

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The Ferryman
Justin Cronin (Orion Books)

IN THE canon of modern subject fiction, reality is simply a shaky concept. Books and movies person probed, pummelled and pulled isolated nan cloth of nan worldly world to uncover countless deceits.

Such revelations are nan root of paranoid nightmares successful useful for illustration The Matrix, The Truman Show aliases William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Then location are nan much lucid deceit-fantasies successful nan vein of Total Recall, Inception and Westworld. Elsewhere location are stories successful which utopian filters obscure harrowing truths.

In this second class you tin find adjacent room for nan gleaming pulp of …

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