The Fire Max 11 Is Amazon's Largest Tablet Yet (and the First With Fingerprint Recognition)

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Amazon’s Fire tablets fundamentally started life arsenic colour surface versions of nan company’s Kindle ebook readers, allowing users to entree Amazon’s different contented including streaming video and music. But Fire tablets person slow grown successful size complete time, arsenic has their aspirations. The new Fire Max 11 is Amazon’s largest tablet yet, turning what has traditionally been a media depletion instrumentality into moreover much of a productivity tool.

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In 2021, nan Amazon Fire HD 10 boasted a 1080P surface pinch smaller bezels, and was disposable pinch a step-up successful capacity pinch 4GB of RAM connected nan Fire HD 10 Plus. Amazon besides introduced keyboard cases for nan Fire HD 10 lineup successful an effort to grow nan usefulness of nan tablets, and sold them arsenic portion of a bundle pinch a subscription to Microsoft 365.

The new Fire Max 11 will further grow nan capabilities of Amazon’s Fire tablet lineup pinch a caller 11-inch, 2,000 x 1,200 pixel solution show that will supply much existent property for productivity devices and return amended advantage of Fire OS’ split-screen multitasking capabilities, which were introduced a fewer years ago. Under nan hood, nan Fire Max 11 is powered by an octa-core processor paired pinch 4GB of RAM and either 64GB aliases 128GB of soul storage, which tin beryllium further expanded pinch a microSD card.

Despite nan step-up successful performance, and upgraded features for illustration wifi 6 support and, for nan first clip connected a Fire tablet, a fingerprint scholar built into nan powerfulness button, Amazon still claims nan Fire Max 11 will tally for up to 14 hours connected a charge, but that number will dangle connected what precisely you’re doing pinch nan device.

A personification sitting connected a sofa utilizing nan Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet successful image mode pinch a stylus successful hand.

Image: Amazon

Keyboard compatibility is not a caller point for Amazon’s Fire tablets—you’ve ever been capable to plug successful a compatible keyboard complete USB aliases link 1 wirelessly complete Bluetooth. But nan Fire Max 11 useful pinch a matching 2-in-1 lawsuit featuring a afloat sized keyboard pinch 15 pre-programmed shortcut buttons, an further 2 buttons that tin beryllium customized by nan user, and a trackpad wherever touchscreen navigation gestures tin beryllium entered without really rubbing nan screen. Amazon is besides now offering a battery-powered stylus (with a six-month runtime connected a azygous AAAA battery) for nan Fire Max 11 that tin beryllium utilized for drawing, annotating documents, aliases inputting matter utilizing handwriting recognition.

A personification typing connected nan Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet's keyboard case.

Image: Amazon

Will nan Fire Max 11 bring immoderate stiff title to Apple and its iPad lineup? Probably not. Amazon’s Fire tablet lineup isn’t known for packing nan champion screens aliases industry-leading performance, and nan Fire Max 11 beforehand and rear-facing cameras are some 8MP shooters constricted to capturing 1080P video.

Fire tablets are an affordable gateway instrumentality to Amazon’s e-stores and streaming platforms, and that’s wherever Amazon could bargain a fewer imaginable buyers distant from Apple. The Fire Max 11 starts astatine $230, which is $100 cheaper than moreover nan 9th procreation iPad (the exemplary still rockin’ nan location button), which Apple still sells. It’s besides disposable arsenic portion of a bundle that includes nan keyboard lawsuit and a stylus, but astatine $330, convincing consumers to spell pinch Amazon alternatively of Apple could beryllium a harder sell.

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