The Flash's Final Trailer Teases the Benefits of Fancy Friends Like Batman

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If fixed nan chance to bring backmost those you love, would you consequence it all? DC leader Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) will research nan consequences of immoderate well-intentioned clip and abstraction meddling in The Flash, which conscionable dropped its final trailer. (Like previous looks astatine nan film, Batmen abound.)

The DC Studios movie is primed to beryllium nan superhero arena of nan summer, while shaking up nan DCEU arsenic we knew it. The caller trailer is bookended by two Batmen, starting pinch Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne informing Barry of nan dangers of walking backmost successful clip to prevention not conscionable his ain mom but, arsenic Barry offers, beloved Martha and Thomas Wayne too. When nan Flash wholly shatters his ain world, we spot a type wherever General Zod (Michael Shannon) has returned to predominate nan planet. The only personification Barry tin get to wrangle capable heroes is simply a retired Bruce Wayne, who we cognize arsenic nan Batman played by Michael Keaton.

Watch nan trailer for much Batmen, positive aggregate Barrys and Kryptonians too!

Family astatine nan forefront drives location nan catastrophic collisions successful nan altered future. With Superman out, Supergirl (Sasha Calle) steps successful for her relative to take sides nan world from Kryptonian destruction. The action looks arsenic breakneck arsenic nan quips betwixt Barry and Bruce, but we’re astir looking guardant to nan glimpses of DC’s future—and if nan movie delivers connected being a culmination of what nan comic book superheroes astatine WB person meant to fans arsenic nan workplace builds toward a caller universe.

The Flash opens June 16 successful theaters.

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