The hunt for the South Island kōkako, New Zealand’s long-lost bird

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The past accepted sighting of nan South Island kōkako was successful 1967, and it was declared extinct successful 2007 – but a imaginable sighting that aforesaid twelvemonth led to its reclassification, and a charitable spot group up to find it has been searching for nan vertebrate ever since

By Penny Sarchet

A 19th period illustration of nan South Island kōkako

Public Domain

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Over nan past fewer months, I’ve had nan pleasance of diving heavy into the Search For Lost Birds, an inaugural that’s steering nan world’s service of birdwatchers, conservationists and researchers towards uncovering 10 of nan astir enigmatic and important vertebrate type mislaid to science. There person already been immoderate successes – including nan bonzer rediscoveries …

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