The John Wick Franchise Has Killed Its Way to $1 Billion

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Since 2014, nan John Wick franchise has been lauded for delivering nan action movies equipment connected a accordant basis. With each installment, nan bid has built up a reliable fanbase for itself, some owed to nan merits of each film, and its larger expertise to return advantage of nan prima powerfulness of starring man Keanu Reeves. And that’s paid disconnected for Lionsgate, because nan franchise has now crossed nan $1 cardinal mark.

Spoilers of nan Week May 9-13

Per Variety, nan period was conscionable crossed acknowledgment to March’s John Wick: Chapter 4. At clip of writing, tickets income person deed $1.01 billion, and overmuch of that is acknowledgment to nan newest film. To date, Chapter 4 has been nan highest earner crossed each 4 movies, having earned $426.5 cardinal astatine clip of writing. 2019's John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum comes successful astatine 2nd spot ($328.35 million), 2017's John Wick: Chapter 2 for 3rd ($174.35 million), and nan original movie bringing up nan rear astatine $86.1 million.

The container agency for each movie is quadruple what their respective budgets were, truthful Lionsgate has surely been getting its money’s worth. In a connection to Variety, nan studio’s mobility image chair Joe Drake said he “could not beryllium much grateful to world moviegoers for bringing america to this unthinkable achievement. This milestone is simply a testament to nan unthinkable activity of Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves, alongside [series executive producers] Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee, who person made it their ngo to outdo themselves pinch each successive movie successful this franchise.”

While Chapter 4 brought nan communicative of John to a close—at least, we deliberation so—Lionsgate isn’t retiring nan series. Come September, Peacock will person nan prequel TV bid The Continental: From nan World of John Wick, and Ana de Armas is group to header a spinoff movie by nan sanction of Ballerina, which will characteristic Reeves’ Wick successful immoderate capacity.

In nan meantime, nan first 3 John Wick films are streaming connected Peacock aliases tin beryllium bought online. Chapter 4 will person its integer merchandise this Tuesday, May 23, and beingness stores connected June 13.

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