The Most Important Longevity Study Ever Done (That No One Talks About)

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Colleen & Jason Wachob
Colleen & Jason Wachob

mbg Co-Founders and Co-CEOs

By Colleen & Jason Wachob

mbg Co-Founders and Co-CEOs

Colleen & Jason Wachob are Co-Founders and Co-CEOs astatine mindbodygreen, and authors of nan book "The Joy of Well-Being."

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May 24, 2023

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If you’ve ever watched The Godfather, aliases different movies aliases shows for illustration it, you mightiness person noticed that celebrated civilization has a definite return connected Italian immigrants: barrel-chested men pinch gargantuan bellies; rotund grandmothers carrying overflowing pots of pasta; and chainsmoking, hard-drinking group for whom a statement is not complete without heavy slabs of nutrient and cheese. Not to mention each of nan guns and exuberant manus gestures.

We’re judge that location are plentifulness of holes successful nan big-screen type of Italian American life successful nan mid-twentieth century, but it turns retired that nan movies get a fewer things right. If you tin look past nan convulsive plotlines and horribly dated stereotypes, you’ll besides announcement nan different images and depictions that harvest up—big families who unrecorded pinch each different aliases adjacent each other, and a tight-knit organization wherever trust, religion, and loyalty are valued.


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Overall, nan images of Italian Americans connected nan metallic surface aren’t precisely ones that exude wellness successful nan accepted sense. But since we’re talking Hollywood, of people there’s a crippled twist: each those reliable guys pinch nan large bellies mightiness conscionable beryllium healthier than you.

Studying nan "Roseto effect"

In nan real-life municipality of Roseto, Pennsylvania, scientists and researchers discovered a cardinal to agelong life hiding successful plain show among Italian Americans: societal connection. In nan early 1960s, a section expert noticed that each of his patients from Roseto exhibited an almost shocking level of bully health. Despite nan truth that astir of nan men worked long, difficult days successful nan slate quarry and their families ate tons of pasta and Italian sausage, smoked cigarettes, and drank copious amounts of wine, location was a astonishing deficiency of bosom attacks successful this 1 community.

When he mentioned nan unusual arena to a friend who was besides a aesculapian researcher, he kicked disconnected a big of studies examining nan manner and wellness outcomes of nan Roseto community. One study showed1 that successful Roseto, nan complaint of bosom attacks successful group complete sixty-​five was half that of nan nation, and for men nether fifty-​five location were no cases of bosom attack.

Just erstwhile we deliberation we’ve sewage this full wellness and well-being puzzle figured out, present comes Don Corleone...the paragon of longevity?

Don’t scope for nan cigars and meatballs conscionable yet— there’s a spot much to unpack here

At first, nan researchers who were moving connected nan Roseto studies were scratching their heads. After all, what could relationship for specified astonishingly debased incidences of bosom disease? What they recovered erstwhile they went to Roseto to get to nan bottommost of it would wholly alteration nan measurement that we look astatine what we now cognize is simply a cardinal parameter of health: our relationships.

Researchers hypothesized, and later confirmed1, that what group Roseto isolated was that it “displayed a precocious level of taste and societal homogeneity, adjacent family ties, and cohesive organization relationships.”

This organization of 1,600 group was founded by Italian immigrants successful nan precocious nineteenth century. And until astir nan precocious 1960s, nan group successful Roseto still lived arsenic if they were successful Italy, particularly successful position of their societal relationships, religion, and multigenerational homes. In a 2015 PBS documentary bid astir Italian Americans, filmmakers went to Roseto and said pinch elders who had been astir for nan original study.

In fact, they were location to archive what organization members telephone nan Big Time, an yearly arena that gathers together group pinch ties to Roseto, almost for illustration a elephantine family reunion. There are parades, parties, and potlucks pinch tons of—you guessed it—pasta. Beyond nan axenic enjoyment of nutrient and wine, what is truthful clear successful nan documentary is nan existent concealed to nan bully life—care and connection.

Today, Roseto resembles nan remainder of America—it’s nary longer a taste island—and truthful do its rates of cardiovascular disease. Since nan early sixties, erstwhile Roseto’s societal cohesion started to break down, nan mortality rates from bosom disease besides roseate successful nan younger procreation of Rosetans. The landmark study of Roseto that spanned 50 years tracked some mortality rates and nan changing societal traditions, confirming each of nan earlier findings of different studies: older generations of Rosetans who benefited from that close-knit organization successful midcentury were acold much protected from bosom illness than their children.

This arena of accrued bosom wellness successful tight-knit communities is now referred to arsenic nan Roseto effect, and nan studies’ halfway findings astir nan value of societal relationship person been affirmed again and again passim nan years.


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What we tin each study from Roseto

The communicative of Roseto shows that erstwhile you look astatine life and wellness holistically, you person to see everything—not conscionable what you put successful your mouth.

We spot this demonstrated by later generations of Rosetans, who began to skew person and person to nan nationalist mean arsenic nan decades marched on. The Roseto of nan fifties was much for illustration a clip capsule, aliases a transplanted organization from Italy, than it was reflective of modern American communities, which were swiftly becoming much atomized.

After all, nan fifties gave commencement to nan conception of nan atomic family. People stopped surviving successful multigenerational homes, and families began to dispersed out, building their ain oases successful immense suburban neighborhoods.

They were going to activity successful each different directions, coming home, and waking up and doing it each complete again without nan aforesaid level of organization engagement. Life successful post-World War II America was much focused connected efficiency, productivity, and wealthiness building than ever before. Family beyond your 2.5 kids was little and little of a focus, and communities were little intertwined.

Sadly, arsenic nan decades wore on, this much isolated, little community-oriented measurement of life has only deepened. The advent of nan net and societal media promised greater relationship but delivered less. So, it’s not that nutrition and workout don’t matter. They do, greatly. Especially erstwhile you are surviving without nan information and accent resilience that communities for illustration Roseto use from. What allowed them to eat nan measurement they did and still unrecorded agelong patient lives was nan buffer to their accent consequence strategy that organization and family provided.

Seventy years later, we cognize beyond a uncertainty that nan acquisition of beardown societal relationship and nan effect it has connected our tense strategy is basal to wellness and happiness. Without it, our hearts are little relaxed and full, and arsenic a result, our biologic systems are much susceptible to decease and disease.


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The takeaway

Roseto was nan extremity of nan iceberg, beckoning america to look much intimately astatine nan wellness and happiness implications of our relationships pinch different humans. New studies and investigation successful nan fields of immunology, neurobiology, and psychology person shown america that we request to measurement societal relationship arsenic (if not more) pinch different wellness and wellness practices.

Understanding, of course, that we’re ne'er going to replicate Roseto, we tin only study from it and statesman to merge successful our ain lives its profound lessons astir what it intends to unrecorded nan bully life.

Excerpted from The Joy of Well-Being by Colleen Wachob and Jason Wachob. Copyright © 2023 by Colleen Wachob and Jason Wachob. Reprinted pinch support of Balance Publishing, an imprint of Hachette Book Group. All authorities reserved.


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