This Is Crucial For Longevity — So Why Is No One Talking About It?

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Jason Wachob
Jason Wachob

mbg Founder & Co-CEO

By Jason Wachob

mbg Founder & Co-CEO

Jason Wachob is nan Founder and Co-CEO of mindbodygreen and nan writer of Wellth.

Sara Gottfried / Colleen & Jason Wachob

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May 23, 2023

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Longevity isn’t conscionable astir adding years to your life—you whitethorn want to unrecorded to 100, but you besides want to beryllium healthy, sharp, and progressive for arsenic galore years arsenic you can. So you’ll want to deliberation astir expanding healthspan in summation to lifespan. 

But if you’re superior astir optimizing your health, let america to present nan adjacent shape of nan longevity conversation: expanding joyspan, or nan magnitude of intent and joyousness successful your life. After all, what’s nan constituent of surviving to 100 if you don’t really bask it? 


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Colleen and I group retired to reply this very mobility pinch our caller book, The Joy Of Well-Being (officially retired today!), which we talk successful today’s typical mindbodygreen podcast episode, featuring integrative medicine expert and four-time New York Times bestselling writer Sara Gottfried, M.D. 

After 14 years of learning from nan champion doctors, dietitians, and scientists successful nan game, we compiled each actionable wellness and well-being extremity into this useful roadmap. The kicker? Each of nan practices we stock meet 3 important criteria: they’re easy accessible to everyone, they’re science-backed, and they connection nan anticipation of joy. If it doesn’t do each 3 of those things, it’s not successful nan book. It’s arsenic elemental arsenic that.

It would beryllium intolerable to stitchery each azygous portion of proposal into this article (that’s why we wrote a full book astir it!), truthful we highly promote picking up a copy. In nan meantime, find 3 easy ways to summation your joyspan below. 


Prioritize IRL societal connection

Look, nutrition and workout are paramount. I’m each astir fare and exercise, but it’s each excessively easy to disregard affectional well-being—and sometimes that is nan metallic slug to optimizing your health. 

In nan process of penning this book, I came crossed my all-time favourite study: nan Roseto study1. Essentially, Roseto was a mini municipality successful agrarian Pennsylvania successful nan 1950s pinch a thriving Italian-American community. Many group were smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating tons of pasta and meat, yet bosom attacks occurred astatine half nan complaint of nan federation among those nether 65—and successful men nether 55, bosom attacks were virtually nonexistent. 

What was protecting them against bosom disease? It turns out, these individuals had incredibly beardown societal connections. Multi-generational surviving was nonnegotiable; they often celebrated pinch parties and parades; they enjoyed nutrient and vino pinch family and friends. Then successful nan 1960s, nan organization starts to disband—and bosom illness arrives. 

This nexus betwixt societal relationship and wellness is difficult to measure, but it’s surely there. “When you are connected pinch different people, you're sharing your lung biome2 pinch them,” says Gottfried. “There's a measurement that it creates health. It changes your genetics3; we cognize this from societal genomics. It creates this upward benevolent rhythm that is difficult to measure.”

The takeaway? You cannot underestimate nan magic of meaningful, IRL societal connections. It’s a conception that isn’t emphasized capable successful our world, and it’s thing I deliberation astir whenever I commencement to consciousness overwhelmed astir my fare aliases workout regimen. 


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Make societal investments

Now, prioritizing IRL connections is crucial, but we’d beryllium remiss not to mention nan powerfulness of our integer world. You should still link in-person if you can, but a azygous matter aliases telephone telephone tin spell a agelong way. 

It tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic a connection saying, “Hey, I’ve been reasoning astir you. It’s been excessively long! Would emotion to reconnect.” I really received this extremity from psychotherapist and world-renowned activity and relationships master Esther Perel connected her mbg podcast episode, and I’ve been reasoning astir it ever since. According to Perel, you’ll apt get a consciousness correct distant if nan personification is unfastened to connecting, and you’ll astir apt person a affirmative response. If you don’t, that’s OK. At slightest you tried! 

The cardinal is to attraction connected fostering your relationships now, truthful that you tin pave nan measurement for a full, flourishing life later on. “It's astir reasoning long-term,” says Colleen. “What do you want your life to look for illustration successful your 70s, 80s, and 90s? Do you envision yourself having friends complete for tea? Do you envision yourself getting together pinch loved ones, aliases seeing your kids' kids increasing up? If you want that type of flourishing life successful your 70s, 80s, and 90s, you person to commencement making nan investments now. You person to commencement reasoning intentionally successful that way.” 


Strengthen spirituality muscles

You tin do each nan “right” things for your health—like eating good and exercising—but if you don’t person a consciousness of intent and belief successful thing bigger than yourself, you will miss retired connected a captious portion of well-​being.⁠ Just return it from award-winning interrogator Lisa Miller, Ph.D., who shared connected her episode of nan mbg podcast that individuals pinch immoderate consciousness of spirituality person enhanced intelligence health, immune function, and longevity. 

She moreover has immoderate fascinating research4 that shows erstwhile a mother and her kid were some precocious successful spirituality, nan kid was 80% protected against depression, compared pinch mothers and children who were not concordant for spirituality. In different words: A kid was 5x little apt to beryllium depressed erstwhile belief life was shared pinch a mother. 

Not to mention, there’s a very generous meaning of spirituality, beyond belief beliefs and practices. In a nutshell: It’s astir believing successful thing bigger than ourselves. That’s why “my ngo correct now is to raise well-adjusted girls, to create joyful experiences into my life, and to build a beardown assemblage and mind,” says Colleen. I couldn’t work together more. 


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The takeaway 

Essentially, joyspan involves identifying nan “why” of your wellness journey. What’s nan constituent of each nan bells and whistles if you aren’t enjoying nan process? Ultimately, it’s up to you to observe your individual mission, but these science-backed tips supra tin thief you get started. For much actionable, no-fuss tips to heighten longevity and healthspan, make judge to prime up a transcript of The Joy Of Well-Being today! 


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This advertisement is displayed utilizing 3rd statement contented and we do not power its accessibility features.

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