This Nugget-Shaped Tetris Handheld From McDonald’s Is Real And Playable

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Did you cognize that this twelvemonth marks nan 40th day of nan preamble of McDonald’s chickenhearted nuggets to nan accelerated nutrient giant’s menu? And to grant that milestone, McDonald’s has released a caller chickenhearted nugget-shaped handheld gaming instrumentality that plays Tetris.

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As spotted by Retro Dodo, McDonald’s caller nugget gaming instrumentality launched connected May 24 successful mainland China astatine a costs of 30 Chinese Yuan aliases astir $4.25 USD. According to those who person gotten their hands connected 1 of these weird things, nan instrumentality comes successful a McNuggets-themed container and includes a McDonald’s carrying container for nan handheld.

The existent instrumentality itself is, arsenic you tin intelligibly spot from photos, shaped for illustration a McDonald’s chicken nugget. It features arrows that fto you move pieces near and correct arsenic good arsenic driblet them faster. There is besides a fastener that lets you rotate pieces, but apparently only successful 1 direction. As acold arsenic I tin tell, location doesn’t look to beryllium a measurement to “hold” a portion arsenic you tin do successful astir modern Tetris ports. As you apt guessed from nan value constituent and instrumentality screen, this is simply a beautiful barebones and inexpensive device. On nan different hand, it’s a nugget that plays Tetris and that’s rad.

Is this an officially licensed Tetris device?

At first, immoderate folks thought this caller instrumentality wasn’t an officially licensed Tetris product, but caller images from group who bought 1 show that McDonald’s did so salary to usage nan Tetris name. That makes consciousness since nan crippled features a prominently placed McDonald’s logo successful nan area of nan screen. It would beryllium earnestly brave (and stupid) of nan accelerated nutrient institution to truthful brazenly rip disconnected Tetris while plastering its logo connected nan knock-off.

Now, nan bad news: This overseas gaming device—which I would happily bargain successful a heartbeat alongside my accustomed McDonald’s bid of 20 nuggets and fries—seems to beryllium a China-exclusive. At this clip location look to beryllium nary plans to bring nan instrumentality to immoderate different countries. This makes maine sad. According to immoderate good people connected nan charismatic McDonald’s China website, 400,000 of these things will beryllium made available. Share immoderate pinch nan remainder of us, McDonald’s!

However, group are already selling them connected eBay and different sites, though they are going for much than $4 of course. But if you don’t want to walk nan other money to play McDonald’s Tetris handheld, you tin astatine slightest watch different group play it. And while you watch, you tin wonder, “What does Tetris have to do pinch nan 40th day of chickenhearted nuggets?” It’s a bully mobility that I don’t person an reply for. Sorry.

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