This Trendy Drink Is Supposed To Help You Fall Asleep Fast — Does It Work?

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Julia Guerra
Julia Guerra

By Julia Guerra

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Julia Guerra is simply a wellness and wellness writer reporting for mindbodygreen, Elite Daily, and INSIDER.

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May 23, 2023

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The latest slumber hack buzzing astir TikTok is drinking better-for-you nightcaps. Creators for illustration The Jen Jones, Gracie Norton, Claire The Nutritionist, and Caleeshea, among countless others, person started sharing their favourite sips to thief them sleep, claiming their delicious-looking mocktails boast snooze-boosting benefits. One of nan astir celebrated mixers you'll spot astir nan app is 100% tart cherry juice. 

I'm personification who is ever looking for caller ways to optimize my slumber routine. So erstwhile I saw that thing arsenic elemental arsenic pouring cherry juice complete crystal could help, I thought I mightiness arsenic good effort nan bedtime beverage retired to spot if it's worthy nan hype. Here's what happened erstwhile I bought myself a vessel and drank a solid earlier furniture each nighttime for a week:


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Why tart cherry juice?

While you can’t judge everything you publication (or watch) connected nan internet, location is immoderate technological merit to nan thought that tart cherry juice is bully for sleep. In a 2019 aviator study, for example, researchers recovered that participants who had been diagnosed pinch insomnia slept an mean of 84 minutes longer erstwhile they drank tart cherry juice for 2 weeks1. However, participants drank a solid not once, but twice a day—in nan greeting erstwhile they woke up and betwixt 1 to 2 hours earlier furniture each night.

According to personage cook and longevity wellness expert, Serena Poon CN, CHC, CHN (who was not progressive successful nan study), tart cherry juice whitethorn beryllium appealing to those struggling to autumn and enactment dormant because it contains 2 earthy slumber aids: Melatonin and tryptophan.

“Melatonin is simply a hormone (normally triggered by darkness) that is produced people successful nan assemblage and adjusts your circadian hit accordingly,” Poon tells mindbodygreen complete email. And we each cognize tryptophan arsenic nan amino acerb successful turkey that supposedly helps put america to slumber aft each Thanksgiving meal.


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What happened erstwhile I drank tart cherry juice earlier furniture for a week:

Day 1

I drank my first solid earlier furniture connected a Wednesday and felt tired reasonably quickly aft downing my past drop. I felt skeptical astir whether aliases not I could consciousness nan effects that fast, though; I had besides woken up early that greeting to workout and that clip of nan period wasn’t excessively acold away, truthful I wasn’t sold. However, I did autumn dormant arsenic soon arsenic my caput deed nan pillow an hr aliases truthful later, and stayed dormant passim nan night.


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Day 2

Thursday nighttime was a different story. I did consciousness sleepy post-nightcap, but I woke up a fewer times and recovered it difficult to autumn backmost asleep. To beryllium fair, it whitethorn person been a operation of nan sugary consequence portion (one cup of unsweetened tart cherry juice contains 33 grams of sugar) and a precocious dinner. After all, registered dietitian Julie Stefanski, M.Ed., RDN did previously pass mbg readers that falling dormant pinch a afloat belly results successful a continued digestion that requires much power exertion passim nan night. It’s nary wonderment I was tossing and turning. 

Day 3

Thanks successful ample to nan never-ending building connected nan Garden State Parkway, I didn’t get location from my niece’s schoolhouse play until aft 11:30 p.m. connected Friday night. You’d deliberation I’d down my solid of cherry juice and spell to furniture by that point, but I hadn’t eaten since lunchtime and was starving. My hubby and I went to nan diner, ate immoderate eggs, and then I partook successful my caller nightly ritual. To opportunity that I was exhausted would beryllium an understatement. I took my past sips successful furniture and fell dormant instantly. I didn’t aftermath up until aft 10 a.m. nan adjacent morning, but I uncertainty it had thing to do pinch nan juice. 


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Days 4-5

The play was busy, but not astir arsenic eventful arsenic nan days starring up to it. I woke up astatine my normal clip and went to slumber earlier midnight. I besides made judge to eat decently and astatine normal quality hours, truthful I felt hopeful astir nan effects I mightiness acquisition from nan cherry juice. Unfortunately, nan bedtime beverage seemed to only wreak havoc connected my slumber schedule.

On Saturday night, I woke up perpetually and according to my Oura ring, it took maine astir a half hr to autumn dormant connected Sunday nighttime (something I rarely struggle with). 

Days 6-7

The past fewer days of this research were, thankfully, uneventful. I drank nan tart cherry juice earlier bed, fell asleep, and didn’t aftermath up until my siren sounded nan adjacent morning.


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My takeaway from nan experiment

Some investigation suggests that nan TikTok arena of drinking tart cherry juice earlier furniture tin use your wide slumber quality. In my experience, it takes clip for nan affirmative effects to footwear successful and heavy relies connected circumstances specified arsenic your fare beyond nan nightcap and really delicate you are to sugar.

Luckily, if you struggle to autumn aliases enactment asleep, location are different ways to amended your slumber quality, from correcting your slumber hygiene to optimizing your chamber to taking a slumber supplement that has much subject down it than nan latest societal media craze. Here are immoderate mbg favorites to get you snoozing.

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