TikTok Users Can Apply to Make $1,000 to Watch Trending Content

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Watching endless TikTok videos will go a lucrative pastime for nan 3 societal media users who onshore a occupation that will salary them to continuously scroll done nan app. Ubiquitous, an influencer trading agency, announced it will salary $100 per hr for successful applicants to scroll done TikTok for 10 hours straight searching for “emerging trending topics.”

The occupation was posted connected nan Ubiquitous site and advertises nan position arsenic The TikTok Watchdog Job 2.0. The institution says it’ll prime 3 applicants who will person $1,000 each, saying, “You astir apt already watch TikTok—why not get paid to do it?” The occupation listing says to apply, individuals request to constitute a 50 to a 100-word paragraph describing why they are nan champion personification for nan occupation and says applicants request to person a TikTok relationship and beryllium acquainted pinch nan app, must person “an oculus for trends,” and must beryllium astatine slightest 18 years old. The deadline to use is May 31, 2023.

Ubiquitous markets itself arsenic influencer marketing, saying connected its tract that nan institution “is nan champion measurement to turn your business and scope nan adjacent procreation of consumers.” It continues, “We activity straight pinch a monolithic web of creators to deploy nan astir viral, compelling, & data-driven influencer trading campaigns.”

The institution pushed a akin occupation listing successful October of past year, but astatine a considerably little price, offering $50 per hr for personification to watch TikTok videos for 12 hours. The selected individual besides received a $50 Uber Eats gift card, a $50 Target gift card, a elastic cellphone holder, a 12-inch ringing light, and a tripod.

The group hired for this occupation listing will beryllium notified by message wrong 28 days aft nan deadline and will beryllium required to “discover emerging and caller trends by filling retired a elemental archive of recurring trends they spot and follow.” The trading institution says its determination will beryllium last and will not respond to immoderate further correspondence. If applying, nan victor will beryllium agreeing to their sanction and image being utilized successful Ubiquitous’ promotional material.

Ubiquitous’ occupation listing comes arsenic TikTok’s userbase continues to turn and an Insider Intelligence forecast revealed that TikTok’s existent number of users is astir 843.3 cardinal worldwide and recovered nan mostly are betwixt nan ages of 25 and 54 walk much than 45 minutes connected nan app each day. According to nan report, TikTok will scope an estimated 1 cardinal users by 2025.

Ubiquitous did not instantly respond to Gizmodo’s petition for comment.

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