Tina Turner's Birthplace Planning to Build Statue in Her Honor

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Tina Turner Hometown Looking To Build Tina Statue

5/27/2023 1:00 AM PT

The metropolis Tina Turner erstwhile called location is readying to grant nan euphony fable successful a large measurement ... pinch a beautiful statue of her.

Bill Rawls Jr., politician of Brownsville, TN, tells TMZ ... he wants to prominently show nan activity of art, and he's getting a ton of support from section leaders.

Mayor Rawls wants nan portion placed successful Brownsville's Heritage Park ... adjacent Carver High School, which Tina attended. Tina was calved successful Brownsville and lived location during overmuch her youth.

Brownsville's already location to nan Tina Turner Museum, truthful it seems fitting to person nan portion smack dab successful nan mediate of her hometown.

He adds, "When Tina stepped connected stage, she owned it. We want this statue to correspond that passion. Tina was an inspiration to nan full world ... She showed nan group of Brownsville nary matter wherever you start, you ain your communicative astir wherever you extremity up."


Tina died Wednesday and nan full world is mourning nan loss. Not only did her music spike big successful streams, but artists for illustration Lizzo, Janet Jackson, and Coldplay paid tribute to her astatine their concerts aft her death.

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