Tom Petty's Family Says Auction Items Are Stolen Property

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Tom Petty Family Says Auction Items Are Stolen!!!

5/24/2023 1:47 PM PT

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Tom Petty's family is ripping nan auction location that's trading his wardrobe to nan highest bidder ... claiming nan items are stolen!!!

The precocious singer's family tells TMZ ... "We judge RR Auction, headquartered successful Boston, is offering stolen Tom Petty memorabilia pinch a wholly mendacious provenance inaccurate to truth and successful complete denial of clear grounds they person been presented. They will not disclose nan cosigner who has provided these items aliases really they were acquired. But they are intelligibly stolen, location is nary different connection for it."

As we first reported ... RR Auction says nan items are from Tom's erstwhile location successful Encino, CA and nan postulation includes hats, jackets, shirts, shoes and more.

Tom's family is "pursuing swift ineligible action" against nan auction location ... their extremity being to get Tom's cogwheel returned to nan family.

The Pettys besides opportunity they firmly judge nan auction items person "been outright stolen from a secured archive based connected anterior knowledge, unit observations and documentation."

RR Auction is already auctioning nan items off, and nan bidding doesn't extremity until June 22 ... truthful it seems for illustration location is clip for this to beryllium resolved.

In nan meantime, Tom's family is asking fans and collectors to "refrain from participating successful this auction until nan matter is settled to debar getting further progressive successful this ineligible action."

Bottom statement for nan Pettys ... "These items person irreplaceable sentimental and acquisition worth for nan family and bequest of Tom Petty and we look guardant to their safe return."

We reached retired to RR Auction ... truthful acold nary connection back.

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