Tom Sandoval Lie Exposed by Schwartz After Timeline Mix-up at Reunion

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'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Tom Sandoval Mixes Up Affair Timeline ... Exposed by Tom Schwartz

5/25/2023 7:13 AM PT


Tom Sandoval can't drawback a break from a azygous 1 of his castmates, including Tom Schwartz ... who's now revealed he knew astir his friend's matter overmuch sooner than Sandoval fto on.

Andy Cohen sewage down to nan nitty gritty pinch nan "Vanderpump Rules" formed Wednesday connected portion 1 of nan show's highly-anticipated reunion ... asking Schwartz erstwhile Sandoval told him astir his affair pinch Raquel Leviss.

Schwartz says August, which seems to drawback Sandoval by astonishment because he'd maintained a different timeline. But, nan folks astatine Bravo were speedy to trim to a anterior sit-down question and reply betwixt Andy and Sandoval, wherever he says he told his friend successful January ... a full 5 months later.

The full 'VPR' pack was judge to telephone retired Sandoval connected his lie. Lala Kent consecutive up asked, "What you guys didn't get your timelines consecutive earlier this?!"


As we reported, Sandoval got destroyed connected Wednesday's section for blowing up his 10-year narration pinch Ariana and cheating pinch Raquel.

schwartz and sandoval together

What's much absorbing astir nan timeline mix-up ... successful beforehand of cameras, Sandoval had urged Schwartz to hook up pinch Raquel, contempt nan truth he'd already had activity pinch her -- and Raquel and Schwartz really did buss successful August.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Together

Sandoval tried making it clear, he and Raquel had only had a "one nighttime stand" astatine that point, and later rekindled their flame. Strange move of events, to opportunity nan slightest ... and location are 2 much parts of this reunion to come!

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