Tom Sandoval Raked Over the Coals During 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion

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The "Vandperpump Rules" reunion coiled up arsenic expected for Tom Sandoval ... he was turned into a quality piñata by chap formed members angry complete his matter pinch Raquel Leviss, which, arsenic everyone knows, destroyed his longtime narration pinch Ariana Madix.

Part 1 of Season 10's reunion kicked disconnected Wednesday nighttime arsenic Bravo big Andy Cohen sat down to hash it each retired pinch nan full formed of 'VPR' -- Tom, Ariana, Lisa Vanderpump, Lala Kent, Scheana Shay, James Kennedy, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.

Interestingly, Raquel was squirreled distant successful a backstage room watching from a TV show because, astatine nan clip nan reunion was shot, she had a restraining order against Scheana, who allegedly punched her during an argument. The bid has since been dismissed.

Tom Sandoval Raked Over The Coals During 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion

With nan formed seated astir Andy, nan insults began flying almost instantly ... and arsenic usual, Tom was nan superior target, but Lisa was intelligibly successful his corner.

In 1 backmost and forth, Ariana voiced her disgust astatine Tom for cheating connected her, saying, "I deliberation he caused nan disagreement successful nan narration because he was f***ing different people.”

Lisa stopped Ariana and asked, "Other group is very different [than just] Raquel."

Ariana replied, "He’s f***ed much than Raquel.”

Then Lala jumped in, calling Tom "a vulnerable quality being." But Lisa again ran to Tom's defense, dismissing Lala's connection arsenic "ridiculous." Lala responded, "I didn’t inquire for anyone else’s opinion."

James had respective fiery exchanges pinch Tom, labeling him a "clown" and mocking him arsenic he cried while apologizing to Ariana. At 1 point, James, who was erstwhile engaged to Raquel, near his spot and sewage up successful Tom's face, starring to some men almost coming to blows.

After Andy calmed nan business down, he asked Tom nan astir pivotal mobility of nan night: Why didn’t Tom travel cleanable to Ariana astir his matter pinch Raquel from nan get-go?

Tom said, "I was evidently frightened to. Also she was going done a batch during that time, and I didn’t want to adhd anything,” referring to nan decease of Ariana's grandmother.

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The remainder of nan show was much of nan aforesaid ... meaning Tom playing nan piñata and his detractors hitting him pinch sticks, but successful a verbal -- not beingness -- sense, of course.

Round 2 of nan 3 portion reunion will footwear disconnected adjacent Wednesday astatine 9 PM ET. Bring nan popcorn.

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