Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Says Drag Outfit Had Nothing to Do With Florida Law: ‘I’m Not a Political Fella’

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Despite appearances, Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan was not trying to operation nan cookware erstwhile he took nan shape successful a blonde wig, smeared lipstick and a body-hugging apical that accentuated his prosthetic breasts during a headlining group astatine Daytona Beach’s Welcome to Rockville Festival connected Sunday.

While nan outfit appeared to beryllium a guidance to nan bid of controversial bills signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis precocious that prohibition minors from attending drag shows, Keenan told The Messenger his prime was personal, not political. “I’ve been cross-dressing since agelong earlier these clickbait-junkie dupes were retired of diapers,” said nan vocalist who has been wearing daze constitution and costumes for years, including falsies he first wore successful nan precocious 1990s; Keenan noted that he’s been shopping online precocious for a caller group of shape breasts.

“It’s beautiful crazy nan exertion and nan prosthetics nowadays, really they’ve travel along, and I conscionable was considering bringing nan look back,” added nan prog rock vocalist who has agelong favored outrageous looks, from fetish bull getups to Mexican wrestling masks, aviator uniforms, bluish afloat assemblage overgarment and superhero costumes. “And that’s really each location is to it. I’m not a governmental fella — had thing to do pinch Florida.”

While Keenan swears he wasn’t trying to flick nan oculus of civilization warrior DeSantis — who is slated to denote his long-expected White House tally connected Wednesday (May 24) connected Twitter — because Welcome to Rockville was an all-ages fest, technically, nan vocalist was successful usurpation of nan caller law. If anything, Keenan said he was a spot irritated by nan mendacious dots-connecting spurred by his shape attire.

“It’s astonishing to maine really each azygous point you opportunity aliases do is twisted and conformed into immoderate fundamentalist far-right aliases far-left agenda,” said Keenan, who will beryllium backmost connected shape this play successful Columbus, OH astatine nan Sonic Temple Festival.

Now, that said, begetter of 2 Keenan, 59, told nan outlet that he thinks ineligible restrictions connected resistance show attendance is benignant of dumb. “I deliberation limiting people’s entree to thing is absurd,” he said. “Good parenting allows you to thatch your kids really to beryllium reasonable and logic and puzzle things retired and determine for themselves what nan f—k they wanna spot aliases not wanna see.”

Keenan besides noted that he does see himself to beryllium portion of nan resistance community, saying, “I conjecture so, yeah… On occasion, I americium a resistance queen; I’ve been a resistance queen. I’m casual, truthful nan hardcore group are going to disregard maine arsenic being a tourist.” He added that he feels immoderate affinity for group who usage resistance arsenic a shape of self-expression. “Solidarity pinch group who are not acrophobic to definitive themselves? Absolutely. People that want to definitive themselves successful immoderate f—king measurement they want to definitive themselves, arsenic agelong arsenic they’re not physically straight hurting someone? Yeah, spell for it. I’m each for ya.”

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