Trump Is Up In The Middle Of The Night Obsessing Over Jack Smith

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Trump was posting successful nan mediate of nan nighttime connected Friday/early Saturday astir Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Trump wrote connected Truth Social:

A Poll conscionable came retired wherever I americium measurement up connected Biden successful nan General Election. What that intends is that nan Radical Left Democrats will measurement up their Fake Investigations connected maine because they now spot they can’t triumph astatine nan Ballot Box.

TRUMP Hating Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, whose family and friends are Big Time Haters also, will beryllium moving overtime connected this treasonous quest. They are scoundrels and cheats. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ELECTION INTERFERENCE. I dream Republicans successful Congress are watching!!!

The canvass that Trump referred to didn’t show him measurement up connected Biden. Trump seems to beryllium referring to nan ABC News/Washington Post canvass that has been questioned arsenic a flawed outlier. No different canvass has Trump starring Biden successful nan wide election, but reality isn’t nan constituent of Trump’s post.

Donald Trump is doing what he ever does. He is trying to brackish nan world and impune immoderate grounds against him that whitethorn consequence successful a national criminal indictment successful nan classified documents case.

Trump is obsessing complete Jack Smith successful nan dormant of nighttime because he understands that Smith is nan top ineligible threat that he faces.  Trump besides knows that a national criminal indictment makes him virtually unelectable successful November of 2024.

The erstwhile president doesn’t request to interest astir his supporters jumping vessel to DeSantis, but he will person virtually nary changeable of beating Biden if each of his run sum relates to nan criminal charges that he is facing.

Donald Trump is frightened of Special Counsel Jack Smith and his fearfulness is revealing itself successful his societal media posts.

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