U-Haul Driver With Nazi Flag Crashed Into Barricade Near White House

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White House Scare U-Haul Driver Carrying Nazi Flag ... Crashes Near Presidential Palace

5/23/2023 5:43 AM PT


The White House almost sewage an unwanted visitant Monday nighttime ... a U-Haul driver carrying a Nazi emblem careened into information barriers correct crossed nan thoroughfare from wherever President Joe Biden sleeps.

Secret Service rep Anthony Guglielmi tweeted ... nan motortruck driver collapsed into a barricade successful Lafayette Square astir 10 PM ... but, according to a witnesser who said to CBS, nan fishy was really aiming for nan White House.

Guglielmi said nary 1 was injured and nan origin of nan mishap was nether investigation, but he suggested nan driver mightiness person intentionally rammed nan barriers.

Police quickly descended connected nan segment and arrested nan driver, who had nan Nazi emblem connected him. Law enforcement sources told CBS nan man is an American national who made threats against President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The fishy -- whose sanction has not been disclosed -- did not person immoderate weapons aliases explosives.

Police sources besides told CBS ... nan man has not popped up connected immoderate FBI watch lists and did not look to person a important rap sheet.

Federal authorities charged nan man pinch battle pinch a vulnerable weapon, reckless cognition of a centrifugal vehicle, a frighten to kill, kidnap aliases inflict harm connected a president, vice president aliases family personnel and demolition of national spot and trespassing.

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