UNC basketball rumors: Son of former Duke star switching sides in rivalry?

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Apr 1, 2022; New Orleans, LA, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels caput coach Hubert Davis during nan Final Four believe astatine Caesars Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Hubert Davis is looking to people a large triumph for UNC hoops connected nan 2025 recruiting trail, offering 2 big-name prospects, nan sons of a erstwhile Duke star.

Though nan superior concerns of UNC hoops fans apt halfway astir really Hubert Davis reshapes nan Tar Heels’ roster for nan 2023-24 play aft awesome losses to nan transfer portal, there’s nary mobility that nan successor to Roy Williams has started to laic nan groundwork connected nan recruiting way for nan future.

Assuming that either Ian Jackson aliases Elliot Cadeau don’t reclassify for nan 2023 class, North Carolina presently has nan top-ranked recruiting people for nan 2024 cycle. And now Davis and his unit look to beryllium trying to do nan aforesaid for nan 2025 people arsenic well.

Even better, they’d beryllium sticking it to nan always-hated Duke Blue Devils and 1 of nan program’s fable if they were capable to do that arsenic well.

This past weekend, Davis and UNC hoops gave offers to twins Cameron and Cayden Boozer. And yes, they are, successful fact, nan sons of erstwhile Duke prima Carlos Boozer.

North Carolina has offered twins Cameron and Cayden Boozer, per their IG pages.

They are nan sons of Carlos Boozer — 2 clip NBA All-Star and erstwhile NCAA champion astatine Duke.

Cameron is presently nan No. 1 enlistee successful nan 2025 class. Cayden is simply a top-25 recruit.…

— Joe Tipton (@TiptonEdits) May 21, 2023

UNC hoops rumors: Tar Heels connection Cameron, Cayden Boozer, sons of erstwhile Duke prima Carlos Boozer

Both of nan Boozer twins are rated arsenic Top 25 players successful nan 2025 recruiting people according to nan 247Sports Composite, but Cameron is nan top-ranked enlistee successful nan state for nan rhythm (Cayden is No. 24). And for those wondering, they are not identical twins arsenic Cameron is simply a 6-foot-9 guardant while Cayden is simply a 6-foot-3 defender — which is really a use to immoderate programme looking to support nan twins playing together.

For what it’s worth, though, this isn’t nan first connection for either player. Cameron has 7 offers already while Cayden has six. Both person been offered by Arkansas, Duke, Miami, Florida State, North Carolina and Kentucky while nan erstwhile besides received 1 from Michigan.

It shouldn’t beryllium a astonishment that 1 of nan champion programs successful assemblage hoops is offering nan top-ranked enlistee for a fixed people — that should beryllium nan anticipation almost ever for UNC basketball. However, fixed that nan Boozer twins some announced nan offer, location seems to beryllium astatine slightest immoderate excitement astir nan anticipation of joining nan Tar Heels.

While nan much flashy communicative is decidedly nan imaginable sweetness of North Carolina getting not 1 but 2 Duke hoops legacies to transverse nan Tobacco Road rivalry lines to travel to Chapel Hill, nan truth of nan matter is that it speaks to what Hubert Davis is doing connected nan recruiting trail. Though nan 2023 people does time off a batch to beryllium desired, nan wide outlook is trending up majorly.

And if he gets to instrumentality it to Duke successful nan process by landing nan Boozer twins, moreover better.

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