Vice President Kamala Harris Makes Sure We Don’t Forget Uvalde

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There are truthful galore wide shootings that it is easy for Americans to go buried successful nan overload of senseless violence, but Vice President Kamala Harris is ensuring we don’t hide Uvalde.

Vice President Harris said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA connected nan one-year day of nan shooting:

Nevaeh. Jacklyn. Makenna. Jose. Eliahna. Uziyah. Amerie Jo. Xavier. Jayce. Tess. Maranda. Alithia. Annabell. Maite. Alexandria. Layla. Jailah. Eliahna. Rojelio. And their teachers, Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles.

Nineteen children and 2 educators who should beryllium present pinch america today. They should still person birthdays to celebrate, graduations to plan, careers and lives to look guardant to. Instead, 1 twelvemonth agone today, they were killed successful their simple schoolhouse successful Uvalde, Texas, successful a wide shooting carried retired pinch a limb of war.

Today, our federation continues to mourn for those lost, to believe for their families who must carnivore nan unbearable, and to grieve for a state successful which unit for illustration this – moreover successful simple schoolhouse classrooms – is sickeningly common. One twelvemonth aft Uvalde, weapon unit remains nan starring origin of decease for children successful our nation. One successful 5 Americans has mislaid a family personnel to weapon violence.

Over nan past year, truthful galore Uvalde families person channeled their anguish into advocacy. Together, they request that we enactment to prevention lives. With their help, President Biden signed nan astir important weapon information authorities successful 30 years and implemented important executive actions successful nan months since. But much must beryllium done.

Today, Doug and I believe for nan group of Uvalde. And we impulse leaders successful Congress and successful authorities legislatures to meet this heartbreaking infinitesimal not conscionable pinch words, but pinch action

Many of those who watched their section and authorities government deny them and prosecute successful coverups aft nan Texas schoolhouse shooting person joined nan activity calling for action connected nan problem of weapon violence.

The horrors of nan Uvalde schoolhouse shooting, conscionable for illustration Sandy Hook, Parkland, Nashville, and excessively galore others to afloat database are a reminder that nary number of dormant children will make Republicans extremity their wide shooter enabling obsruction.

Vice President Harris is utilizing her level to punctual nan federation astir nan lives lost, and those who activity alteration should usage those memories arsenic substance to activity change.

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