Victor Wembanyama is already dreaming about beating Team USA for an Olympic Gold Medal

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Victor Wembanyama (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA/AFP via Getty Images)

Victor Wembanyama (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA/AFP via Getty Images)

Top NBA Draft imaginable Victor Wembanyama already has his sights group connected world domination. 

The San Antonio Spurs will prime Victor Wembanyama pinch nan No. 1 wide prime successful adjacent month’s NBA Draft. The move will usher successful a caller era of Spurs hoops and springiness nan NBA its astir breathtaking young subordinate since LeBron James.

The 7-foot-5 halfway retired of France is already being placed connected a pedestal pinch LeBron and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That level of anticipation tin vessel a young player’s profession and nationalist perception, but Wembanyama mightiness really person nan equipment to present connected nan hype.

One has to ideate Wembanyama, pinch his uncommon level of accomplishment and mobility connected discourtesy and his elite rim protection skills connected defense, will effect winning successful nan NBA sooner than later. The French superstar, however, has his sights group overmuch higher than that.

Victor Wembanyama plans to hit Team USA successful nan 2024 Olympics

The French National Team will undoubtedly invited Wembanyama into nan fold up of nan 2024 Olympics. Those 2024 Olympics hap to beryllium situated successful Paris, nan hometown of Wembanyama’s existent team. The stars are aligning for a typical run.

“And location could beryllium nary much cleanable juncture for maine to triumph my first title pinch nan French nationalist team,” Wembanyama told French broadcaster Pascal Giberné. “My extremity is to hit Team USA successful nan final.”

Wembanyama is already precocious to nan party, arsenic France toppled Team USA successful nan 2021 Olympics group stage not agelong ago. But, Wembanyama does person his sights group higher — not conscionable beating nan U.S., but beating nan U.S. erstwhile nan stakes are highest and nan full world is watching. And he wants to do it connected his location floor.

The soon-to-be No. 1 prime will person respective high-profile teammates connected nan French National Team, astir notably Rudy Gobert and Nic Batum. He will besides beryllium spending nan early portion of his NBA profession under nan tutelage of erstwhile French superstar and Spurs fable Tony Parker.

Team USA has felt peculiarly susceptible successful caller years. Players don’t look to attraction nan measurement they utilized to and habits that triumph successful nan NBA don’t ever construe to nan world game. Wembanyama is simply a bonafide superstar successful nan making. If anyone is tin of putting nan U.S. connected precocious alert, it’s him.

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