Want a Custom Video From Wu-Tang Clan? Now You Can Request One Via Ticketmaster

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Under a woody pinch Cameo-like level HiNOTE, links to bargain tailored videos from Wu-Tang and De La Soul will characteristic connected checkout pages for their summertime tours.

Wu Tang

Wu Tang Kyle Christy/Courtesy of Live Nation

Fans buying tickets to upcoming Wu-Tang Clan and De La Soul tours now person easy entree to civilization messages from nan RZA, nan GZA and different members of each outfit via a caller business betwixt Ticketmaster and HiNOTE.

The ticketing elephantine has collaborated pinch nan platform, which allows fans to petition civilization videos from artists successful a mode akin to Cameo. Ticketmaster pages for some Wu-Tang and De La Soul’s upcoming tours presently characteristic links to HiNOTE, making it imaginable for fans to bargain a civilization HiNOTE video astatine nan aforesaid clip they’re purchasing tickets. These videos are besides disposable arsenic a standalone purchase.

Intended to usability arsenic customized circuit memorabilia, HiNOTE videos from De La Soul and Wu-Tang are presently only disposable via nan Ticketmaster partnership. Wu-Tang videos are moving for $199, while De La Soul vids are going for $100.

HiNOTE launched successful 2020 pinch exertion that makes it imaginable for fans to petition civilization messages from a plethora of artists. Unlike Cameo, a akin work that launched successful 2017, HiNOTE focuses exclusively connected philharmonic acts and presently features an creator roster of astir 70 genre-spanning artists. Prices mean betwixt $50 and $500. Involved artists power their pricing and really galore videos they create.

“Since our launch, HiNOTE has been increasing successful fame pinch some artists and fans,” laminitis Tyler Childs said successful a statement. “But we consciousness it will beryllium a existent gamechanger for touring artists who whitethorn not person nan bandwidth for meet-and-greets earlier nan show. And for fans, HiNOTE gives them a civilization video that they tin stock pinch their friends and family and connected societal media which is acold much meaningful than a speedy photograph backstage. Having Ticketmaster make it a seamless portion of nan summons buying acquisition makes it truthful easy for fans to return advantage of this cool caller experience.”

Wu-Tang Clan is launching a 38-date European and North American circuit connected June 2 successful Stockholm. A 29-date European and North American circuit by De La Soul originates July 1 successful Baltimore.

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