War Thunder 'Revises' Economy, Fans Review-Bomb Game To Hell

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Online vehicular shooter War Thunder made immoderate changes to nan measurement its system useful recently, and players of nan crippled are truthful upset that not only person they review-bombed nan crippled to hellhole and back, but nan developers person been forced to return extremely apologetic actions successful response.

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Basically, a crippled that has complete nan years go progressively pay-to-win—as good arsenic becoming a dumping crushed for authorities secrets—recently implemented system changes that made it moreover harder to get thing retired of nan game—especially progression—unless you were regularly spending existent money.

Players, fed up pinch nan exploitation, did 1 of nan fewer things disposable to them: they took to Steam to time off antagonistic feedback, posting thousands of messages protesting nan changes and attacking developers Gaijin. At clip of publishing nan game’s Steam reappraisal conception looked for illustration this:

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The astir celebrated antagonistic reappraisal sums up nan business nicely:

I didn’t want to time off a antagonistic review, but Gaijin’s blatant contempt for their ain players has forced my hand.

War Thunder is simply a crippled for illustration nary other, pinch a broad harm system, mixed arms, and assortment of beautifully modeled tanks, craft and ships.

Unfortunately, this “uniqueness” has near Gaijin pinch small existent title complete nan years. What started disconnected arsenic a “free to play” title has complete clip go little and little free. Gaijin keeps adding nations and vehicles, while astatine nan aforesaid clip expanding repair costs and lowering RP/SL gain. A premium relationship isn’t capable to comfortably advancement anymore, now you besides person to bargain premium vehicles successful each nation.

For nan caller players reference this, Gaijin has precocious admitted that they equilibrium free vehicles astir a antagonistic SL income for mean players. That intends they WANT you to suffer money by playing, truthful you’ll beryllium forced to bargain a apical tier premium vehicle.

In response, Gaijin person cancelled nan astir caller and punitive economical changes—though this will do small to reverse nan gradual inclination that had already alienated truthful galore long-time players—and posted 1 of nan sorriest apology statements I person ever seen:

Dear players,

Firstly, we would for illustration to widen our sincerest apologies to each and each 1 of you. We profoundly regret nan truth that our actions person fto you down, and that we person grounded to adequately reside nan concerns you person voiced complete time. We stock your passion for nan game, and it pains america that our decisions person not lived up to your expectations.

Over nan past week, we’ve been diligently analyzing nan feedback you’ve provided. We admit and work together pinch your concerns regarding nan equilibrium of nan system (Silver Lions and Research Points), arsenic good arsenic modification research. We person truthful prioritized addressing these issues arsenic our contiguous concern.

We are successful nan process of creating a scheme to tackle these problems. While we person made immoderate first advancement successful knowing nan scope of these issues and imaginable solutions, we expect providing a much elaborate roadmap by nan 14th of June.

We understand nan urgency you consciousness for changes to beryllium implemented, and we guarantee you, we stock your eagerness. However, fixed nan standard and complexity of a task for illustration War Thunder, immoderate clip is required to guarantee that immoderate changes we make are some effective and beneficial to nan subordinate experience.

We are besides continually reviewing nan immense array of different feedback and suggestions we receive. Rest assured, these are important to america and will beryllium addressed, but astatine this moment, our first privilege remains nan game’s economics and progression.

We are genuinely sorry for nan disappointment and vexation that we person caused. We perpetrate to you that we are doing everything we tin to amended nan game, and regain your trust.

Thank you for your knowing and patience during this time. We worth your continued support and your dedication to nan crippled we each love.

I would reason that listening now is listening excessively late. Clearly this subordinate guidelines has had capable of this bullshit and has been angry for a very long time, and stepping backmost 1 group of changes will do small to reside basal flaws successful nan game’s underlying design, which are really what group are truthful pissed disconnected about.

Changing nan severity and timing of nan compression won’t do thing erstwhile it’s nan compression itself players are truthful upset about.

As a further measurement players are now readying a boycott connected May 26, though other plans for a “seal-clubbing day” connected May 25, successful an effort to get “new players to quit”, mightiness not beryllium arsenic awesome an thought aliases look.

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