Watch Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau Discuss the Legacy of Iron Man

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Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau, seen present astatine San Diego Comic-Con 2007-ish, reunited to talk 15 years of Iron Man.

Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau, seen present astatine San Diego Comic-Con 2007-ish, reunited to talk 15 years of Iron Man.Screenshot: Marvel Studios

Fifteen years agone this month, movie history was changed forever. And we don’t opportunity that lightly. On May 2, 2008, erstwhile Marvel Studios released Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr., not only was a marque caller mega-franchise born, a caller era of cinematic storytelling came pinch it: nan shared universe.

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Now, to observe that anniversary, 2 of nan men astir responsible for nan movie —producer Kevin Feige and head Jon Favreau—sat down to person an extended chat astir nan film. They talk astir nan large plaything of making nan movie astatine all, nan bet successful casting Robert Downey Jr., really that casting changed everything, and nan slow but dependable realization that what they did mightiness beryllium thing of a hit.

It’s a 20-minute video but good worthy your clip for immoderate of nan stories nan 2 share, for illustration Feige gifting Favreau a typical Star Wars book, nan Marvel domiciled Downey Jr. antecedently auditioned for, and how Ryan Coogler—who’d 10 years later nonstop Marvel Studios’ first Best Picture nominee, Black Panther—fit in. Enjoy.

Great stuff, right? I besides emotion each nan aged footage of them connected set, astatine nan premiere, and that Favreau’s passion for long-form storytelling and exertion has gone connected to beryllium moreover much influential, not conscionable connected his Disney+ show, The Mandalorian, but pinch movies for illustration The Jungle Book and The Lion King too.

If you want to return a travel down representation lane to nan commencement of nan MCU, you tin watch Iron Man—and fundamentally each azygous movie that follows it—on Disney+. That including immoderate of Feige’s older movies now too, for illustration nan original Spider-Man and X-Men films.

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