Watch Pac-Man Get Chased by Ghosts on Lego's New Retro Arcade Cabinet

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Gif: Lego

Following brick-built versions of nan original NES crippled console and nan iconic Atari 2600, Lego has now recreated 1 of nan astir celebrated arcade games of each clip pinch its caller 2,650-piece 1980 Pac-Man arcade furniture set. Thanks to immoderate clever engineering, this group moreover finds Pac-Man getting chased astir nan surface by Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

Although 2022's Lego Atari 2600 was mostly a collectible show portion that focused connected nan console, a fistful of crippled cartridges, and a fewer hidden Easter eggs, Lego’s Nintendo Entertainment System went supra and beyond nan telephone of work pinch nan inclusion of a buildable TV connected which nan first level of Super Mario Bros. could scroll by. For its Pac-Man arcade machine, Lego is delivering nan aforesaid level of item and interactivity, which will undoubtedly person you making that “waka waka waka” sound effect each clip you play pinch it.

A close-up of nan Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set's marquee featuring vintage furniture graphics.

Image: Lego

Although they seldom reflected nan gameplay and graphics of nan existent game, nan cabinets that filled arcades successful nan ‘80s were adorned pinch eye-catching artwork successful an effort to person patrons to pump them afloat of quarters. Lego’s Pac-Man Arcade Machine arrives astatine a overmuch smaller standard than nan cabinets that invaded America successful 1980 (and it’s besides missing its bottommost half), but it features nan aforesaid classical artwork connected nan sides and nan marquee. Let’s conscionable dream those are pre-printed and not stickers.

A look wrong nan Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set pinch nan rear entree sheet removed.

Image: Lego

Although Lego hasn’t gone into overmuch item astir really the Pac-Man Arcade Machine really works, a removable sheet connected nan backmost provides a peek inside. The group appears to beryllium a nosy operation of some classical ceramic building and much analyzable Technic engineering, and while retired of nan container it’s powered utilizing a manus crank connected nan side, nan system tin astir apt beryllium easy adapted to activity pinch a Lego electrical centrifugal and a artillery pack.

A close-up of nan Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set's screen, revealing nan underlying mechanisms.

Image: Lego

Unlike Lego’s buildable Nintendo Entertainment System console from a fewer years ago, which utilized a clever rolling treadmill system to recreate nan side-scrolling action of nan crippled connected a mini TV, a person look astatine the Pac-Man Arcade Machine’s “screen” reveals Pac-Man, Inky, Pinky, and Blinky moving astir nan maze utilizing a Lego concatenation thrust that snakes its measurement on a twisting path. And though Clyde appears to stay safe successful nan mediate of nan screen, we’re assuming nan positions of each nan characters tin beryllium easy changed.

A close-up of an included diorama featuring Pac-Man and 2 ghosts.

Image: Lego

Lego’s included a fewer nosy accessories pinch this set, including a show guidelines pinch larger 3D versions of Pac-Man, Blinky, and Clyde. It tin beryllium mounted atop the arcade machine, but doesn’t interface pinch its mechanisms astatine all. Instead, turning a mini dial connected nan backmost of this diorama spins each 3 characters astir truthful that Pac-Man chases bluish shade versions of his pursuers.

A close-up of nan 'Start Game' buttons and illuminated coin slot connected nan Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set.

Image: Lego

Pressing nan ‘Start Game’ fastener turns connected a battery-powered Lego ray ceramic that illuminates a glowing coin slot connected nan beforehand Pac-Man Arcade Machine, but it doesn’t really judge immoderate coins. You tin play again and again and again without ever having to inquire your parents for their pouch change.

A close-up of nan precocious people show connected nan Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set.

Image: Lego

A geared instrumentality allows nan existent people to beryllium group to a fistful of different numbers, but nan machine’s precocious people remains permanently locked to 16,440: a number you’ll find connected countless pieces of Pac-Man merchandise. Does anyone cognize nan significance? (The cleanable people for shape 1 of nan crippled is 14,800.)

A close-up of a hidden Easter ovum wrong nan Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set.

Image: Lego

Hidden wrong the Pac-Man Arcade Machine, and revealed by removing its backmost panel, is simply a buildable vignette featuring a Lego minifigure playing an moreover smaller Pac-Man furniture successful a retro arcade setting. It’s removable, however, truthful you tin show it extracurricular nan Pac-Man instrumentality if you’d alternatively it not stay a hidden secret.

Images of nan beforehand and backmost of nan Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set's packaging.

Image: Lego

The 2,650-piece Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set will officially beryllium disposable starting connected June 1 for Lego VIP members (it’s free, go subordinate now) and connected June 4 for everyone else. It will costs $270.

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