Watch ‘The Voice’ Finalist Gina Miles Take on Taylor Swift & Sinead O’Connor Hits for the Live Finale

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Part 2 of nan show's finale airs May 23.

Gina Miles

Gina Miles connected 'The Voice.' Trae Patton/NBC

The Voice entered its unrecorded finale connected Monday nighttime (May 22), and contestant Gina Miles gave her past brace of performances, dazzling nan crowd pinch 2 very different opus selections — Taylor Swift‘s “Style” and Sinéad O’Connor‘s “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

For her first performance, Miles rendition of Swift’s “Style” was afloat of color. She appeared connected nan shape successful a agleam orangish dress and matching level heels, and was assisted by inheritance singers and instrumentalists to soma retired nan technicolor showcase.

“You sewage that James Dean daydream look successful your eye/ And I sewage that reddish articulator classical point that you like/ And erstwhile we spell crashing down, we travel backmost each time/ ‘Cause we ne'er spell retired of style, we ne'er spell retired of style,” nan Team Niall personnel sang pinch easiness connected nan chorus.

In Miles’ capacity of O’Connor’s deed single, she wore a purple gown and was successful dim lighting connected nan shape arsenic tv screens down her featured video of her singing nan slow burning track. “I tin eat my meal successful a fancy restaurant/ But nothing/ I said thing tin return distant these blues/ ‘Cause thing compares/ Nothing compares to you,” she emotively sang, finishing nan opus to afloat applause from nan crowd.

Miles is up against 4 different finalists: Grace West and NOIVAS (Team Blake), Sorelle (Team Chance) and D. Smooth (Team Kelly). On nan Tuesday nighttime finale, Miles will execute a duet pinch her coach, Niall Horan.

Watch Miles’ performances of “Style” and “Nothing Compares 2 U” below.

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