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We asked K-pop fans astatine We Bridge Expo astir who their favourite groups and biases of those groups were.

Tetris Kelly 0:00
I’m doing immoderate difficult investigative activity retired present and I’m trying to find retired who’s your number 1 favourite K-pop group.

K-pop fans 0:05
Oh Monsta X. Monsta X without hesitation. Monsta X 1,000%, Monsta X.

Tetris Kelly 0:11
Oh I recovered nan Monsta X crew. Are you guys fighting though? Because who’s your bias?

K-pop fans 0:17
Joohoney, Shownu, Joohoney — but we’re not fighting it’s each love!

Tetris Kelly 0:22
K-pop is becoming 1 of nan biggest genres successful nan world, but who’s everybody’s favourite group? And do you cognize what a bias is?

Tetris Kelly 0:31
Can you thief maine explicate to nan group astatine location what’s a bias?

K-pop instrumentality 0:34
Okay, truthful you get for illustration emotionally attached to personification they prime you, you ne'er prime them? Well, Jimin picked maine truthful I agree.

Tetris Kelly 0:43
I’m trying to find retired who everyone’s favourite K-pop group is? You gotta prime I cognize it’s gonna accent you out.

K-pop instrumentality 0:52
I person to opportunity Shinee. I gotta opportunity Shinee.

K-pop instrumentality 1:00
Got7 those are my boys forever.

Tetris Kelly 1:03
Who’s your bias?

K-pop instrumentality 1:04

Tetris Kelly 1:05
Oh she didn’t moreover deliberation astir it.

K-pop instrumentality 1:06
We for illustration this. For life!

Tetris Kelly 1:07
Who’s your bias successful your favourite group?

K-pop instrumentality 1:10
Mark Tuan. I emotion him.

K-pop instrumentality 1:13
That’s my boy!

K-pop instrumentality 1:17
K-pop group you would person to beryllium SEVENTEEN.

K-pop instrumentality 1:24
NCT, but Stray Kids and P1Harmony are for illustration adjacent second.

Tetris Kelly 1:28
She gave america 3 she likes. I can’t decide: Who’s your bias successful P1Harmony?

K-pop instrumentality 1:33
P1Harmony? Intak, yea it’s Intak.

Tetris Kelly 1:37
But maine and you, we sewage to person a speech correct now because who is your bias?

K-pop Fan 1:41

Tetris Kelly1:46
Hoshi! Oh my deity we’re virtually nan aforesaid same, same, same. I consciousness for illustration I cognize nan reply already because of your lightstick but who is your favourite K-pop group?

K-pop instrumentality 1:53
ENHYPEN. Mine’s ENHYPEN. Right now it’s ENHYPEN.

Tetris Kelly 2:00
But nan mobility is who’s your bias?

K-pop instrumentality 2:02
My Enhypen bias is Jake. I emotion Jake I emotion him truthful much. Yeah, I emotion Jake. Ni-Ki

Tetris Kelly 2:11
Nobody’s expected to cognize who my bias is.

Jungwon 2:14
Hi Billboard!

Tetris Kelly 2:17
I’m really huffy astir each nan group that stock biases pinch maine but it’ll beryllium alright for Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly.

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