We can treat age-related illness without calling ageing a disease

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Declaring ageing a illness could clasp backmost efforts to find genuine treatments that tackle age-related illnesses for illustration osteoporosis and dementia

17 May 2023

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OLD property tin beryllium earnestly bad for your health. The database of age-related diseases is agelong and miserable, and arsenic group get ever older, these thin to stack up. The average 80-year-old has 4 conditions; immoderate person galore more.

The bully news is that location are a growing number of treatments designed to tackle these conditions, and much successful nan pipeline (see “Genetically modified stem cells widen lifespan of mice by 20 per cent”). One very promising avenue is simply a people of narcotics called senolytics, which return retired zombie cells that are a nonstop origin of ageing (see “A caller people of anti-ageing narcotics has …