Weight Gain Before 30 Raises Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer, Study Says

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May 18, 2023 – Young men who summation a batch of weight betwixt nan ages of 17 and 29 look to person an accrued consequence of later having an fierce shape of prostate crab and dying from it, according to a caller Swedish study. 

The uncovering comes from nan Obesity and Disease Development Sweden (ODDS) study presented astatine nan European Congress connected Obesity 2023 connected Tuesday.

The researchers looked astatine information for 258,477 men who had astatine slightest 3 weight measurements betwixt nan ages of 17 and 60 years.

In astir cases (83%), nan men’s weight was measured objectively, while successful 5% it was measured by nan individual, and successful 15% of cases it was based connected memory. 

Overall, men who gained a small complete 1 lb per twelvemonth (1.10 pounds) had, compared pinch those pinch unchangeable weight, a 10% accrued consequence of getting fierce prostate crab later successful life, and a 29% accrued consequence of dying from it.

Further study showed that this was mostly owed to a substantially accrued consequence successful men who gained weight betwixt ages 17 and 29.

A full weight summation of complete this play of astir 29 pounds was linked to a 13% accrued consequence of fierce prostate crab and a 27% accrued consequence of dying from nan disease.

“We do not cognize if it is nan weight summation itself aliases nan agelong long of being heavier that is nan main driver of nan relation that we see,” said lead interrogator Marisa da Silva, PhD, from nan Department of Translational Medicine astatine Lund University successful Malmö, Sweden.

“Nevertheless, 1 must summation weight to go heavier, truthful preventing a steep summation successful weight successful young men is imperative for nan prevention of prostate cancer,” she said. 

Other consequence factors for prostate crab – specified arsenic expanding age, a family history of nan disease, and respective familial markers – cannot beryllium altered, truthful it is "vital" to place nan consequence factors that tin beryllium changed, she said.

In nan U.S., prostate crab is nan second astir common crab successful men (after tegument cancer), pinch complete 288,000 caller cases estimated for 2023, causing almost 35,000 deaths.

Globally, prostate crab is nan 2nd astir communal crab successful men (after lung cancer), pinch much than 1.4 cardinal cases diagnosed astir nan world each year. 

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