What Happens When You Stop Your ADHD Meds

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Like galore adults pinch ADHD, Justine Ruotolo took a stimulant (in her lawsuit Adderall XR) for her symptoms. Then, astir 11 years ago, she started meditating. Shortly aft that, she began to shingle aft taking her pill. Ruotolo’s expert lowered nan dose, but 6 months later it started happening again. She decided to spell disconnected nan medicine and hasn’t looked backmost since.

Ruotolo mostly credits meditation for calming and focusing her brain capable that she nary longer warranted a boost from medication. She besides did a batch of reference astir her information and received training from an ADHD coach.

There are galore reasons why personification pinch ADHD mightiness extremity taking medication aliases ne'er commencement successful nan first place. Some dislike nan broadside effects. Others struggle to salary for nan medication. Or, for illustration Ruotolo, they find that nondrug strategies activity good capable for them.

In nan U.S., location aren’t immoderate charismatic curen guidelines for adults pinch ADHD. But, “the champion believe is to dainty existent ADHD pinch a stimulant unless location are contraindications,” says Craig Surman, MD, a neuropsychiatrist and interrogator astatine Harvard Medical School. Surman co-authored FASTMINDS: How to Thrive If You Have ADHD (Or Think You Might). That said, he notes that not everyone pinch ADHD has terrible problems.

“Some group person what I’d telephone ADHD traits alternatively than nan afloat diagnosis,” he explains. Even group who cheque each container for ADHD mightiness find that their symptoms are amended successful definite situations. For example, a schematic designer whitethorn person nary problem staying focused successful a patient wherever a leader breathes down his neck. But if that schematic designer goes freelance, it mightiness not beryllium truthful easy to enactment connected task erstwhile he’s managing his ain schedule. “People pinch ADHD unrecorded connected deadlines,” Surman says.

If you’re doing good connected medication, it mightiness beryllium difficult to show whether you still request it. Surman often advises high-functioning group who’ve been connected stimulants for a while to return an occasional “drug holiday.” That is, spell disconnected nan narcotics for a short play to spot whether they still request them. It’s astir apt a bully thought to cheque pinch your expert if you want to effort this.

Whether you return medicine aliases not, nondrug approaches are important for managing ADHD. “They’re not mutually exclusive,” Surman says.

Ruotolo knows this some from individual acquisition and from moving pinch different group who person ADHD. She became an ADHD coach soon aft her diagnosis. She went connected to get a master’s successful objective psychology and became a licensed matrimony and family therapist (LFMT) successful summation to a coach. Some of her clients thrive connected a operation of medicine and nondrug strategies. Others find that they tin usability good without medicine and trust solely connected medication-free approaches for illustration exercise, meditation, and counseling.

Going without meds won’t supply capable denotation alleviation for everyone pinch ADHD. But immoderate nondrug strategies, either successful summation to aliases successful lieu of medicine, include:


“Understanding your ADHD is crucial,” Surman says. He recommends visiting CHADD.org to amended yourself astir nan causes and symptoms of nan condition. “You request to understand which of your challenges are owed to ADHD and which are thing else,” says Surman, who serves connected nan committee of CHADD (Children and Adults pinch ADHD). He besides recommends exploring nan resources provided by ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association). Support groups are different bully measurement to study astir nan information from your peers, he adds.

Cognitive behavorial therapy (CBT)

CBT is simply a highly focused and results-oriented shape of talk therapy. It helps pinch anxiety and depression, 2 conditions that often coexist pinch ADHD. Even if ADHD is your only concern, there’s a bully chance CBT would help.

CBT tin thief adults pinch ADHD alteration their reasoning patterns and create skills that make surviving pinch ADHD easier. “It focuses connected behaviors that thief group return complaint of their information and enactment organized,” Surman says. But, organizational strategies are only portion of it. CBT besides helps retrain nan measurement you think. You study to admit automatic antagonistic thoughts you thin to person successful challenging situations. You study to respond much positively and efficaciously successful nan future.

(Note: If you person different mental health information and it’s not already nether control, Surman suggests seeking curen for it first. Depression, anxiety, constituent abuse, and autism spectrum disorders often overlap pinch ADHD.)

ADHD coaching

Unlike CBT, coaching focuses solely connected your actions and organizational strategies (rather than really you consciousness astir these things). “Some group will say, ‘I request personification to deliberation things done pinch maine to determine what to do first.’ That’s wherever coaching tin beryllium very helpful,” Surman says.

As a coach, Ruotolo homes successful connected a client’s needs. “We talk astir circumstantial statement strategies, for illustration really to cleanable up your table and your location and really to unrecorded your life successful an organized way,” says Ruotolo, who is nan writer of A.D.D Land: The Gift of ADD.


Mindfulness -- which focuses connected surviving successful nan coming infinitesimal alternatively than harping connected nan past aliases worrying astir nan early -- is nan instauration of Ruotolo’s practice. “Our brains are specified that nan thoughts conscionable support going and going,” she says. “With mindfulness, you conscionable announcement a thought and observe it, but you’re not engaging.” Over time, this believe changes nan connections successful your encephalon truthful that you respond to nan world astir you differently, Ruotolo adds.

Lifestyle changes

Everyone should enactment physically active, eat healthfully, and get capable sleep. But these basal self-care measures are captious for anyone struggling pinch ADHD. Lack of slumber tin interfere pinch cognitive function, Surman says. Adequate exercise and due nutrition use your brain. While these kinds of elemental tweaks unsocial are improbable to beryllium capable to dainty full-blown ADHD, they are an important portion of immoderate self-care regimen.

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