Why Luis Miguel Is (Still) One of Latin Music’s Biggest Pop Stars

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From trading retired tours to making floor plan history, "El Sol de México" is simply a champion successful Spanish-language music.

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel performs connected nan first nighttime of his four-date constricted engagement astatine The Colosseum astatine Caesars Palace connected Sept. 12, 2019 successful Las Vegas. Ethan Miller/GI

Forty years since launching his career, Luis Miguel is 1 of Latin America’s biggest popular stars today.

Shortly aft announcing his highly-anticipated circuit connected April 19, nan crooner — and 1 of nan apical vocalists of his procreation — sold retired aggregate dates connected nan 40-plus dates stint that is group to footwear disconnected Aug. 3 successful Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How? A reminder that earlier Bad Bunny collapsed container agency records, nan “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar” vocalist was nan apical grossing Latin touring act. Luis Miguel’s Mexico Por Siempre Tour (2018-19) grossed $101.4 cardinal and sold 965,000 tickets crossed 116 shows. It was nan highest-grossing Latin circuit successful Boxscore history until past twelvemonth erstwhile Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee passed him.

Following aggregate shows successful Argentina and Chile, nan Luis Miguel Tour 2023 will anchor successful nan U.S. visiting awesome cities specified arsenic Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles. The tour, produced by CMN, will past caput to Mexico wherever it will wrap up Dec. 17 successful Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Without moreover having to driblet caller euphony — his past medium was ¡MÉXICO Por Siempre! in 2017 and won medium of nan twelvemonth astatine nan Latin Grammy Awards — nan elusive creator continues to beryllium a champion connected nan Billboard charts (as nan popular creator pinch nan astir entries connected nan Hot Latin Songs survey) and a apical touring enactment crossed nan U.S. and Latin America.

Below, 5 reasons why Luis Miguel is still 1 of Latin music’s biggest popular stars 4 decades since becoming “El Sol de México (The Mexican Sun)”:

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