Why watering your plants at midday won't damage their leaves

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It is simply a long-held thought that midday watering will scorch plants' foliage and harm their wellness – but this isn’t supported by nan evidence, says James Wong

By James Wong

Woman cares for plants, watering greenish shoots from a watering tin astatine sunset. Farming aliases farming concept. Bottom view.

rbkomar/Getty Images

AS A botanist, farming has – unsurprisingly – fascinated maine since I tin remember. However, it isn’t only nan mysteries of plants that I find truthful afloat of wonder, but besides nan colourful, and often puzzling, quality behaviour we spot successful nan world of horticulture.

Steeped successful hundreds of years of received wisdom, gardening’s galore “rules” person been repeated truthful often they tin look for illustration incontrovertible truths. This is contempt technological tests demonstrating that galore person small ground successful fact, truthful pursuing them whitethorn beryllium unnecessary astatine champion and could springiness you inferior results astatine worst.

A classical illustration is nan long-held thought that …

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