Why we shouldn't fill our minds with endless tales of dystopia

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Unrealistic fantasies of nan apocalypse are everywhere, but focusing connected a perchance disastrous early stops america from making coagulated plans, says Annalee Newitz

By Annalee Newitz

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IF YOU person ever watched Black Mirror aliases The Last of Us – aliases publication nan comic book 2000AD, wherever Judge Dredd was calved – you person knowledgeable nan joyousness and scary of dystopian subject fiction.

Dystopia is simply a spot wherever location is nary mercy, nary beauty and nary hope. Its skies are achromatic pinch contamination and warlords norm nan anemic pinch unit and frenetic, high-tech propaganda. Like Thomas More’s Utopia, dystopia is simply a imagination place. Yet, complete nan past decade, galore world leaders person treated dystopia arsenic a realistic imagination of our future, 1 we should usage arsenic an inspiration for …

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