Willy Adames hospitalized: An update on Brewers shortstop’s health

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Willy Adames injury

Willy Adames injury

Willy Adames was hospitalized aft being struck by a foul shot successful nan Brewers dugout connected Friday night. Here is everything to cognize connected his health.

Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Willy Adames was struck successful nan dugout by a foul shot successful nan bottommost of nan 2nd inning connected Friday nighttime against nan San Francisco Giants. The shot ricocheted disconnected nan bat of Brian Anderson and deed Adames earlier he was capable to get his hands up to wholly defender his face.

Adames fell backmost successful nan dugout instantly but was conscious moments after (a warning: The video linked shows Adames getting deed by nan foul ball) nan incident arsenic he was looked astatine by nan aesculapian staff.

Craig Counsell described him as, “…alert, responsive nan full time. No fractures.” But he besides said that he was taken to nan infirmary and will beryllium kept location overnight pinch nan anticipation that he will beryllium released connected Saturday.

Counsell confirmed instantly that it’ll beryllium a stint connected nan IL for Adames for a concussion. Here is simply a video of nan incident, which does not show nan infinitesimal Adames was hit.

Friday's Giants vs. Brewers crippled halted for a while erstwhile a foul shot from Milwaukee's Brian Anderson hits Willy Adames successful nan Milwaukee dugout. pic.twitter.com/a6XTUyPxep

— The Comeback (@thecomeback) May 27, 2023

Willy Adames wounded update

Willy Adames, each things considered, appears to beryllium successful comparatively bully shape. Taking a foul shot to nan head/face area is scary and dangerous, and nan precedent successful situations for illustration that is not good.

In 2007, Mike Coolbaugh, a guidelines coach for a insignificant convention team, was killed aft he was struck by a foul shot statement drive which ultimately led to guidelines coaches being mandated to deterioration helmets connected nan field.

Though he is hospitalized, Adames is alert and expected to beryllium capable to time off successful little than 24 hours. That’s bully news.

Adames, arsenic acold arsenic nan broadcast showed, ne'er mislaid consciousness, though he is confirmed to person sustained a concussion. The way backmost to a concussion tin beryllium different lawsuit by lawsuit and nan lingering effects of them effect group differently.

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